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  1. I bought a 2 burner tru infrared I cannot find a thing about the temprature regulation on the knobs it does have the flame then it has a thick end and an thinner end of a line my problem is how do I know which is low and which is high or medium the temprature gage is not helpful which end is hot to hotter ?

    • The left side, under the ignition setting, is where the hottest temperature setting should be. Please make sure that you are using the thicker end of the control knob when selecting a heat setting. For more information please give us a call. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548 and our phone lines are open until 6pm EST. – Dustin

    • I would think that the thin line would be low and the thick line would be high. It really depens on your grill.

    • I don’t wish to reply; I have the same problem and need an answer to the question asked by Sani Beal.

      • Please use the larger end of the control knob to select your temperature setting. If viewing the control settings as a clock face, High will be at nine o’clock, Medium will be at 6 o’clock and Low will be at 3 o’clock. – Dustin

        • I have bought a new infrared gas grill. How do I cook with infra red. I want to buy a cookbook but I do not know which of your books explains this. Can you email me the answer, please. thanks a lot. gloria

          • Gloria – Congratulations on the new infrared grill! Any grilling recipe can be used with an infrared grill. The main difference is when cooking with infrared there is more control over the heat, more even heat, higher temperatures can be reached and juicier flavors can be achieved. I apologize, we do not have an individual cook book for each model, but any of the cook books will work with your new infrared grill. Please follow this link for more information on infrared cooking… – Dustin

  2. I just assembled the T-47D Tru Infrared 4-Burner Gas Grill. What are the chains on the side for? The booklet does not show their need. Can you give me a hint? I did not pay attention at the store looking at the show model. Thank you.

    • Michael – The chains on the side of the unit are for match lighting the grill if your ignitor goes out. There should be a small hold in the side of the firebox that you can use to light. Simply stick a match into the end of the holder attached to the chain and light the grill through the match light hole. Hope this helps. – Michael W.

  3. I have a two burner Infrared Grill. I bought it about a year and a half agoFrom Lowes. I have used it a few times and needed to clean it. I took out the 2 grates and two flat vented plates that go underneath. I wasnn’t paying attention and now can’t get it together right (THAT’s the reason I flunked out of my engineering program! LOL) Can you help me get it back together? I also need help getting all the charcoal residue off. Thanks. Mal

    • We would be more than happy to assist with providing instructions for reconstructing your grill. There should be pegs right above the burners that will hold up the flame tamers. The cooking grate housing trays should fit directly over the flame tamers. The cooking grates will then sit on top of the housing trays. Please refrain from using charcoal with this grill. It was designed to run on propane and may not work properly with charcoal. If you would like to add an extra smoky flavor to your food please use wood chips. We have a variety of flavors to choose from and they are completely safe to use. – Dustin

  4. Where does the venturi clip go ?
    I was going to ask about chain/clips but see answer above…

    • The venturi clip should rap around the gas valve and hook into the burner. Please give us a call for more information. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  5. Can you use rocks or wood chips in the char broil gourmet T36-D? If so, do you put them under the trough?

    • Shannon,

      You can use wood chips in the Gourmet series grill. Just drop the chips (dry) in between the grates and into the trough. They will smoke really nicely, however, I would not recommend putting any rocks in the trough.


  6. Can you place wood chips on the u shaped infrared emitter of the 2 burner Red series?

    • David – yes you can…and I recommend wood chunks, dry wood chunks. For more help on using wood chunks in your grill click on the FORUMS link at the top of this page. The Char-Broil LIVE Community Forums is where other owners/users of Char-Broil grills compare notes, share tips and tricks and help one another to become accomplished outdoor cooks!

  7. Hi, I received my replacement parts on order #1688426

    Do you have an instruction sheet on how to replace the ignitor switch, I was able to replace everything else and it all works great, I will just be happy to have the ignitor switch working.

    Thank you guys for everything, we were so surprised most of our replacement parts were under warranty and sure do appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks for your help

    • The ignitor housing should slip in through the hole in the control panel and then lock into place by screwing on the ignition button on. The main ignitor wire runs from the back of the ignitor to the main burner and will attach to the electrode. The side burner ignitor wire should also attach to the back of the ignitor and then attach to the electrode on the side burner. We do not currently have instructions that can be sent out for replacing the ignitor, but the product guide for this model is still available on our website. A product guide can also be sent out via email if you would like. Please give us a call if you have any further questions about this procedure. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  8. Is it possible to smoke with the Big Easy oiless fryer? Just recently purchased one and would like to experiment with it.

  9. This is great. Thanks for the tips. I especially liked the information that the higher the fat content of the fish is, the more flavorful it is. That’s a good reason to cut back on salt when I’m seasoning the fish.

  10. All the lettering came off the front of the Infra Red grill do you have replacement decals?

    • I’m sorry to hear about this. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and we will be more than happy to assist with investigating this and getting it taken care of. – Dustin

  11. I have the 4 burner Tru Infared Grill with the U-shaped emitter. Do I have to remove the ash that is collected in the emitter every time? Can I not just clean the grate and spray it with cooking oil and cook the next time with the ash still in the emitter? The video indicated that I should clean the grates & spray cooking oil on both the grates & emitter after each use to increase the life of the emitter. It also showed that I should periodically clean the emitter where it shows the removal of the ash then putting the cooking oil on the emitter & wiping the emitter down with a cloth to spread the oil evenly. If I do spray oil on the emitter after each use with the ash still there, I do not need to spread the oil evenly with a cloth until I do the periodic cleaning correct? Please advise on my 3 questions. Thanks.

    • Removing the ashes from the emitter trough each time is not a must, but cleaning as thoroughly as possible will greatly affect the life of the emitter. Seasoning the emitter does not need to be done after each use, but I would recommend emptying out any ashes or food particles and then wiping down the inside of the emitter trough. If you are already cleaning the cooking grates it shouldn’t take that much longer to take care of the troughs as well. If the ashes are being left in you may not want to spray the troughs, but only use the burn off technique. – Dustin

  12. I wanted to know if I can replace the current grates I have on my infrared grill which are these and I want to replace them w/ these I know that they will fit but will i see any difference in performance?

    • Both of these cooking grates are infrared, however there are a few differences between the two. The main difference is that each Commercial Series grate is made up of a housing tray and a cooking grate and each Precision Flame grate, originally on your grill, is only made up of one grate. Using the Commercial Series cooking grates would also raise the height of the cooking surface because of their assembly. This may not cause a drastic change in performance, but we do recommend using the cooking grates that were originally designed for your grill. – Dustin

  13. Should you close the lid when grilling lamb chops or steaks? Also do you need to light all three burners (Quantum CharBroil) when you are grilling only two lamb chops?

    • Ann – Great question! With traditional gas and charcoal grills the primary method of heating the meat is hot air transferring heat from the fire to the grates and food. The hot air trapped when the hood is closed helps to cook the meat. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared generates more cooking energy in the form of infrared – and that energy “turns to heat when it hits the meat” so the cooking occurs on the surface of the meat. Actually using lower BTU’s to generate more heat energy at the grates and on the meat surface. This natural infrared energy also reduces moisture loss because dry air in conventional cookers moves past the meat (think hot air blow dryer!) drawing moisture away from the meat.

      Under normal cooking conditions – fair weather – closing the grill hood is totally optional and not necessary. It can help by holding in some hot air created from the grates and when cooking burgers and you want to melt cheese on top that can be a plus.

      Welcome to the Cookout! ~ Barry ‘CB’ Martin, Chief Grilling Officer

      • You didn’t answer the question about using all 3 burners.
        Also which burner should you turn on when lighting .

  14. A few years ago we purchased an infraded heat grill. I HATE IT!!! I can’t get it clean,one of the burners doesn’t work and I removed the hanging grill to clean and I can’t figure out how to put it back. Please reply to this email before I camp out at Lowe’s and tell people what a piece junk it is.

    • I’m sorry to hear about this. What is the model number for your grill and how is it normally being cleaned? Turning your grill to high after each for about fifteen minutes and burning off food particles can assist with helping to keep your grill clean. Using our Brush Hawg Grill Brush and Biodegradable grill cleaner will also help to remove anything that may be sticking to your cooking grates. Are the cooking grates in your grill being seasoned?

      For more immediate troubleshooting and assistance, please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and one or our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to assist you. – Dustin

      • I too hate my infrared grill. The temps can’t be controlled and get up over 600 degrees even on low. I have talked to support many times and they said to cook with the top open, and turn the middle burner off. They even closed the case even though it wasnt fixed. I’m ready to go buy another grill, and any one other than char broil!!!!

        • Wayne – I’m sorry of the issues encountered with your TRU-Infrared grill. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want you to be able to fully take advantage of everything your grill offers. Are you noticing a difference in flame height when adjusting the temperature settings? Infrared grills do cook hotter than standard convection style grills. Only using one or two of your burners so that you are only cooking on the left or right side will help to reduce the temperature. This will even allow for offset cooking if you are going for more of the low and slow approach. However, if turning off a burner I would turn off one of the burners on the end, such as the far left or right. This will leave the middle and the burner on the opposite side still on. Is the grill being preheated? If so, for how long? The infrared cooking grates are going to keep the heat around the cooking grates so that you are able to sear in flavor and juices. Briefly raising up the end of a cooking grate with a tool hook, such as the one at the end of the Brush Hawg Grill Brush, will allow heat to escape. Please keep us updated on this and let us know if you are able to gain more control. – Dustin

  15. HI,

    I have the 4 burner infrared, which is possibly the best product ever invented! We had a bad storm a few weeks ago, and the high winds pushed the grill off the patio tipping it over. This ended up denting the front panel where the temperature control knobs are and also damaged a couple of the thermometers.

    My questions are;
    1) I see that the control panel is currently unavailable for purchase, is it because they are out of stock, or will they not be made available at all?
    2) The thermometers are available for purchase, but in looking at my grill, I don’t see how it is possible to replace them. Can you advise if this is something that can be done?
    3) On a hope and a prayer, I bought the grill in September or October of 2010. Any chance it is still under warranty, and would these items be covered?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    • Adam, I’m sorry to hear about this. To best investigate replacement parts I will need the model number for your grill. The model number should begin with 46. Please provide me with this information and I will be more than happy to create a case for you and look into the availability of the parts. – Dustin

      • Dustin, I would be most appreciative for any help you could provide. The model number is 463247310.

        Thanks again!

        • Thank you for the model number. Please check your email. – Dustin

  16. what is the best way to put the meat thermometer in ribs

    • John – Place the temperature probe into the meat between two rib bones (without touching either bone) and try to center the tip of the temp probe in the middle of the meat (left to right and top to bottom). This should give you a good read on your thermometer. Check the meat between several of the bones along the slab just to make sure its done consistently. Hope this helps! – Michael

  17. My husband purchased a TRU infared grill this summer and I HATE IT too! It is awful to clean. The grates are heavy and have sharp edges. The smoking is awful. BBQing is supposed to fun. Not so much when it takes over a half an hour to scrub the grates after each use, and you have to endure all that smoke while you are cooking. As far as reduced cooking time too…I have noticed the opposite. Things take so much longer to cook. Yes they are juicy, but the difference is hardly worth the pain. This was such an expensive grill and I am so disappointed. Is there a way to convert this system back to an “old fashioned” grill?? Can I just install traditional cooking grates?

    • I apologize for the issues encountered with this grill. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and definitely want to make sure that you are able to fully use your grill. To assist with cleaning, I would recommend seasoning the cooking surface and emitter trays with a high heat oil or canola oil. This will provide a protective layer and help to keep food from sticking. Please follow this link for more information on seasoning… I would also recommend using the Infrared Grill Brush (Model # 2538013) to help with cleaning and removing grease and food particles. Please follow this link for a video on cleaning… Without knowing the exact model I am unsure if different cooking grates can be used to allow for a more convection style of cooking. We would be more than happy to further investigate this and best assist you. Here is a link to contact us directly… – Dustin

      • My husband recently bought a 2 burner Tru infrared charbroil grill for our balcony (we live in a unit) as this BBQ was advertised as ideal for small places, but we have since found that there is so much smoke emitted during the cooking process that he can’t stand anywhere near it and the neighbours think the house is on fire. We followed the set up procedure to the letter as per the instruction manual, cleaned it, seasoned it, used canola oil etc etc and cleaned it after each use, but now after our 3rd attempt at cooking on it, the smoke seems to be getting worse and we’re not impressed at all. Can you explain why there is so much smoke? We’ve been using bbq’s for over 20 years so it’s not that we’re complete novices but we’ve certainly never come across one like this before, and yes, we hate it too!

        • Isobel – I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulty with the smoke produced from the grill. One thing I have found to be helpful with the smoke is to start your cooking on high and then bring it back down to medium or low. Turn one burner to high with the other turned off, sear your meat for a couple minutes on each side of the meat over the high heat, then move the food off the direct heat (to the other side where the burner is off) and cook it through. Sometimes with food that has a high fat content, the smoke can get a little intense so just remember that if you are cooking something like a burger or chicken quarters, you may want to cook at a little lower temperature to cut down on the smoke. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions. We want to make sure your grilling experience is the best it can be!


  18. ON my new infared Grill where should I set the gas control during cooking. For most things just high ?

    • Richard – Which model grill do you have? I can be a bit more specific if I know this information.
      – Thanks – Michael

  19. On a 3 burner unit which one should be turned on to light ?

    • Roger – it depends on which grill you have. What is the model number of your grill? There should be some sort of lightening bolt or ignition designation on the burner intended for lighting first. If you have a grill with SureFire ignition, you can light any burner as there is a spark at each burner.


  20. Hi, I have just purchased a Char gill BBQ and I too am not impressed with the amount of smoke. It is hard to entertain guests with a BBQ when the cook basically has to shower and change after cooking. Is there any way to stop the amount of smoke. I have cooked all food on the lowest temp possible and still it looked like we were having a fire. It may cook evenly and be more juicy but when entertaining no one wants to be smoked out. I am in Australia and wanted a really efficient and good performing BBQ. I hope you have some suggestions as this is one of the most expensive BBQ’s I have ever purchased.

    • Mary-Anne- I’m sorry to hear about this excess smoke issue. This can occur when the grilling surface is nearly covered or when a lot of sauce is being used. Grease, juices and/or sauce can drip down onto the burners and will then cause all of the smoke. Please try spreading out the amount of food on the grill surface or reduce the sauce being used. – Dustin

  21. I have purchased a K6B model but I am confused as to whether it has an infrared grill build in as well ? I know it is not 100% infrared, however I understand that there is an infrared section within it. Please can you advise ?

    • Dwayne – The K6B comes with a sear burner that will burn hotter than the rest of the burners to sear your food. However, it doesn’t actually use our TRU-Infrared technology. It is still considered a traditional convective gas grill.

  22. I just purchased a Tru-Infrared 3 burner grill model 463250512. I have used it 2 times and not sure about it’s efficiency. I’ve cooked steaks the first time and my turkey the second. It doesn’t seem to be getting hot enough although the thermometer on the lid says it’s 500+. I pre-heated the grill to cook the steaks…at 500* I put the steaks on and checked in about 5 minutes…they were not seared or brown so i left them on for another 10 minutes then flipped them. They were lightly browned where they touched the grate. I let them grill about 15 minutes on the second side to the same result. Overall it took me 30 minutes to grill two steaks which normally takes 10-15 minutes total on a regular grill not to mention the charring. They were good and juicy though. And the turkey…which I’ve grilled for the last 7 years on Thanksgiving, would have cooked quicker in an oven. It seemed to take forever. So…my question is…is my grill defective in some way? Or what am I doing wrong? I know this is a different style cooking method but according to the instructions it should not take 30 minutes to cook a steak. BTW I was using 2 of the 3 burners with the steaks on the lit side on the grill. I actually turned the 3rd burn on toward the end of cooking time to get the steaks to brown…the temp at this point said about 650*

    • Tom- I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re encountering with your grill. Were either of the two foods still frozen at all when they were placed on your grill and is temperature gauge the only thing being used to judge the cooking temperature? It sounds like you may be experiencing a low flow issue. Resetting the regulator in your grill may resolve this issue. Please follow this link for further troubleshooting and resetting information… If this issue continues, please contact our grill service specialists at 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  23. Hi,
    I have a Commercial T-22D 463241013 and my electronic ignitor is not clicking. I have tried replacing the battery with 3 different batteries and always ensuring positive to the outside end. No luck.

    So 2 questions;

    – Is there a quick manual process for lighting the grill (short of disassembling everything and taking a match to the bottom rod?

    – is the ignitor switch under warranty and/or any instructions for anything else i can do?

    Thank you,

    • Pat – I’m sorry to hear about the issues encountered with the ignitor on your grill. If the battery in the ignitor has been replaced and all of the connections are correct, the ignitor may need to be replaced. I see where a case has been submitted to us and we will be contacting you to further troubleshoot and best assist.

      There is a chain on the side of the grill that will allow for match-lighting. Please follow this link to the product guide for your grill. Page 8 will provide instructions for match-lighting… – Dustin

  24. We just purchased a Model 463243812, Char-Broil Commercial T-22D grill. We followed all instructions for assembly and seasoned the grill with high heat oil. Our first attempt to cook 5 pieces of chicken and a slab of pork fahitas was difficult. 1. The grill smoked excessively 2. Cooking took forever and yes the meat was at room temperature and it was 70 degrees outside 3. The heat guages above the knobs indicated temperatures of 600 degrees and when we put an oven temp guage inside, the oven guage registered 250 degrees. We called in to your number and the lady said she would send us 2 new temperature guages. Then I came to this site and found others with the same problem. Now I am nervous that the new temperature guages won’t work any better. It is our understanding that High is to the left at 9 O’clock, Medium at 6 pm and low is at 3 pm on a clock face.

    • Helen – I’m sorry to hear about the issues with your new grill. You are correct. The high setting is at 9, medium at 6 and low at 3. When using this Commercial Series Infrared Grill please make sure that an excessive amount of sauce is not being used and that the meat or food being put on is not very wet because this could cause the abundance of smoke to occur. The low heat may be caused by a tripped regulator or even a leak in the hose. What size propane tank is your grill hooked up to? This grill is designed for a 20 lb propane tank. If your grill has been converted to natural gas please make sure that the correct natural gas conversion kit was used.

      The regulator becoming tripped can happen if the grill was turned off or on improperly or if there is a leak. There is a safety device inside of the regulator that will restrict gas flow. To reset your regulator, please disconnect your grill from the propane tank and then let it sit for a few minutes. Then reconnect and follow the lighting instructions on your grill. To shutdown your grill be sure to turn the grill off before the propane tank. A leak test can be performed by applying a 50/50 soap/water solution to all gas tight fittings. If bubbles are seen after this has been applied than there is a leak.

      We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want to make sure that you are fully able to use your grill. – Dustin

  25. I bought a model 463246910 Commercial Infrared grill a few years ago at an end of the season sale at Home Depot. It seems to cook OK, but cleaning those SS rounded sheet metal grill bars is a royal pain. There’s more chicken stuck to the grill than I get to eat and running it on high afterwards just seems to make it harder to clean. I end up soaking them in a large pan and hand scrubbing each channel with a small wire brush. It takes longer to clean that it did to cook. I see thet the newer ones at Home Depot have a completely different grill structure. Is there any way to convert this model to a grill surface that’s easier to clean?

    Also, in watching the video, I see what looks like special tool that fits the curvature of the SS grill plates. Is this currently available? If so, os it at Home Depot or where? If I can’t find a replacement grill surface, this tool may make it a bit easier to clean.

    Thanks, Chas

    • Chas – I apologize for the issues with this grill. This Commercial Series Infrared Grill is exclusive to Lowes and we do have an infrared grill brush that can best assist with cleaning. The Infrared Grill Brush is Model # 2538013 and available on the Char-Broil website. A nonabrasivie cleaner or warm soapy water can also be used with brush to assist with cleaning the cooking grates and housing trays. Please make sure that the cooking grates and housing trays are seasoned. Applying canola oil to the cooking grates and housing trays will help to prolong the lifetime of the parts and keep food from sticking. Follow this link for more information…

      The new Commercial TRU-Infrared Grills at Lowes do have porcelain cooking grates and stainless steel housing trays. These should be able to fit your grill. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience and our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to provide more information and help setup an order for these parts and the infrared tool that can help with cleaning. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin


    • Gina – I’m sorry to hear about this. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want you to be able to take advantage of everything your grill has to offer. If you think of the of the control settings as the face of a clock, the medium to low settings would be from 9 to 6. Are all of the burners being used at the same time? A single burner can be used for indirect cooking or only cooking in a small area. Please follow this link to create a support case with us… – Dustin

  27. I have your T-36D Gourmet Tru Infrared grill purchased from Home Depot. Actually my second one since I returned the first one for failing to ever get over 450 degrees…even after 45 minutes. This was done with both natural gas and propane.

    This new one reached about 625 when seasoning the grates and trough but failed to reach 600 when cooking for the first time later. We grilled pork chops with very little fat. I have never seen such flames while grilling chops on any other grill! What little grease there was pooled in the trough and continued to flame. There was barely enough time to try and get any sear marks whatsoever. I had to constantly shift the chops around to keep them away from the direct flames and losing most of the hair on my arms in the process. Just seemed to take much longer to cook in order to achieve any type of color to the chops. So far I’m disappointed and far from impressed.

    Two friends each have the Commercial version of this grill purchased from Lowes. Their grills reach much higher temps and they have never once had any flare-ups…even when grilling chicken. So what gives here?

    I have purchased the big cover and the natural gas conversion kit. I’m ready to load everything back up and return to Home Depot.

    • Jay – I’m sorry to hear about this. We want to make sure that you are able to take advantage of everything your Gourmet TRU-Infrared grill has to offer. Was this the first time the grill was cooked on or has it been used before? If this was not the initial use how was it cleaned previously? Grease that was left over from a previous time grilling may be causing the excess flames. Please follow this link to create a case with us… – Dustin

  28. Brand new grills. As mentioned, this is the second try. I converted the grill to NG last night to try that out. Temps barely hit 500. I’m done. All going back to Home Depot tonight. Not going to spend the rest of the summer screwing around with these grills. Thanks

    • Jay – I apologize for the continued issues with this grill. With the temperature still staying low on the second grill the natural gas line may need to be checked out. When used with natural gas we recommend a gas pressure of 11″ WC. In some cases an in-line regulator may be needed. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 so that we can ensure that everything was installed correctly. – Dustin

  29. We have a black wire hanging down from where the nobs are. Not sure if we accidentally unplugged it from somewhere or if the clerk who took it out of the box did. Can you explain what this is and if its something we can just re-plug in somewhere? We have the 463436213 classic c-453 model. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    • Michelle – It sounds like this is one of the ignitor wires in your grill. Both wires connect at the back of the ignition module. One attaches to an electrode at the main burner and the other connects to the side burner electrode. Give us a call if you have any questions about connecting these wires. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. Happy grilling! – Dustin

  30. We purchased the Gourmet Infrared 2 burner at HD. I take the grates out and soak them in hot soapy water and then scrub them with a plastic dish brush. They clean up fairly easy this way. I season them with vegetable oil and they stay looking like new. Will soaking them create rust problems later on. My son advised me to leave the gunk on to give it flavor. I think the flavor i get from the clean grills taste plenty good to me. Thank you for designing such a great piece of equipment that the average person can afford.

    • Steve – Congratulations on the new Char-Broil Gourmet TRU-Infrared Grill. You’re going to love TRU-Infrared grilling. It sounds like you’re doing a great job of keeping the cooking grates clean. Soaking them in hot soapy water for a short period of time should not cause them to rust. However, this does not need to be done after each time the grill is used. Using a soft bristle brush, such as the Brush Hawg Grill Brush with warm soapy water will greatly help to remove any food particles or grease that may may still be on cooking grates. The emitter trough can also be wiped out after each use. When seasoning the cooking grates and emitter trough I would recommend canola oil over vegetable oil because it is a high heal oil. Please keep us updated and let us know if you have any questions. Happy grilling! – Dustin

  31. I just bought Model 463722713 and have a question about the part called “heat tent”. Is this to be left in the grill at all times? I tried searing a steak and it didn’t do a very good job. Should the heat tent be removed for searing? I found no info in the owner’s manual about it’s use.

    • Steve – This is a great question. The heat tent in your grill should be left in at all times. This part helps to keep grease from dripping down directly onto the burners. The Char-Broil Classic grill that you have should be able to reach searing temperatures. If you are experiencing low temperatures the safety device in the regulator may have been tripped and need to be reset. Resetting is a simple procedure of disconnecting and the regulator for a few minutes and then reconnecting it to the propane tank and following the lighting instructions on your grill. This can normally occur if the grill has been turned on or off improperly. When starting the grill, make sure to always turn the propane tank on first and then the grill. When finished grilling, turn the grill off first and then the propane tank. Follow this link for more information… – Dustin

  32. On the 6 burner should meat be cooked over the sear burner,im worried about grease dripping getting on the sear burner when not in use ,are you not suppose to get grease dripings on the sear burner.

    • Steve – You certainly can! The area should be hot enough when in use that if grease were to drip down, it would be vaporized. This area of the grill should also be used just for searing though. About five minutes or so on each side to get a good sear mark and then move the food to the other burners/grate area to finish being cooked. Let us know if you need more assistance and we’ll be glad to help! – Mandy

  33. I recently purchased the 4 burner infra red grill form Lowes. Its the one with the side burner and griddle. However when I installed the rotisserie which I also bought at Lowes I am unable to put the lid down on the griddle because the bracket for the rotisserie rubs against it. Is there a fix for this or do you have the correct rotisserie for this grill. I would appreciate a response asap.

    Thank you

    • Rich – I’m sorry to hear of the issues with your rotisserie. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want to make sure that you are able to take advantage of everything your grill has to offer. With the rotisserie being an accessory, mounting it may keep you from being able to use the side burner on your grill. Please follow this link ( to to create a case with us or give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to best investigate this. – Dustin

  34. I just got a big easy, and want position should i put the gas flame knob when cooking a turkey

    • Tim – Congrats on the new Big Easy! You’re going to love how this Oil-less Turkey Fryer cooks. When using the Big Easy make sure that the control knob is pointed vertically, towards the flame. This will allow for best flow of gas so that your Big Easy can cook properly. If you have any other questions please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to best assist. – Dustin

  35. I purchased the 463251714, 3-burner infra red from home depot. Was wondering if there is a breakdown of the various knob settings. Ideally for example

    BBQ setting is best used for this heat
    Six o’clock on the knob gets you this heat
    Rotisserie obviously for that type cooking but can it be used for low and slow ribs, brisket etc.
    And so on down the knob icon list.

    I guess with all the various heat settings a better idea of when/where they should be used would be a welcome page in the manual.


    • Congrats on the new TRU-Infrared Grill! You’re going to love grilling with TRU-Infrared. The temperature settings go from high to low when rotating the control knob counter clockwise. The Clean/Pre-heat setting will be where your grill reaches the highest temperatures. Sear will allow your grill to reach temperatures around 500 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat will then decrease as the knobs are rotated so that your grill can stay at lower temperatures and cook foods that require longer times. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and we will be more than happy to further information. Happy grilling!

  36. We just bought a 2 burner infrared and i didn’t see in the recipe book whether to leave the cover open or closed when cooking.

    • Susan – Congrats on the new 2-burner infrared grill! To best use this grill we recommend keeping the lid down while cooking. This will keep heat in and decrease cook times. Give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 for more information. Happy grilling! – Dustin

  37. we recently purchased a Char-Broil Gourmet Tru Infrared Bar-b-que and I am having a really hard time getting it to light. I follow the directions: turn the knob to the lightning symbol and then press the start-up button and nothing happens. So disappointing because I really want to use the grill. What am i missing?

    • Susan – We’re sorry to hear this. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want you to be able to take advantage of all that your grill has to offer. Is there a clicking sound when you press in the ignition button? If not then the battery may need to be replaced. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and provide us with the model number for your grill. We will be able to investigate and best assist. – Dustin

  38. Hi there,
    I am an Australian customer and have the 3 burner commercial tru infrared.

    After following setup and first time use as per the instruction book, I have found EVERY time I use the bbq it is as if I am using and open fire with the amount of smoke to the point where a random stranger was driving round the streets trying to find where the smoke was coming from cause he was concerned our house was on fire.

    For an expensive bbq this should not be happening. I have cleaned it again and again, yet still get swamped by smoke.
    Not at all happy and will be looking for the receipt to return the product to get a different bbq.

    • Phil – We’re very sorry to hear about this. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want you to enjoy using your grill. Was the meat still frozen when it was placed on the grill? If so, the added moisture could cause the excess smoke. We recommend that all meat be thawed out and at room temperature when it is placed on the grill. Please contact OZtrail for best assistance and troubleshooting with this. – Dustin

      • There would be smoke before any meat even touched the grill.

        • Phil – We’re sorry to hear this. It sounds like something may be burning on the cooking grate. How are the grates normally cleaned? To best troubleshoot this and investigate please contact – Dustin

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