Maintenance and Care

  1. We are considering purchasing a Char-Broil grill but would like to fuel it with natural gas as it will be a permanent addition to our patio. I understand converting from LP requires changing the orifice. Do you make this conversion part? Would doing so void any warranty? What if we had the local propane distributor do the work? Thanks very much, B Houska

    • Brian – Many of our grills are made for natural gas conversion. We do sell kits to easily make the switch yourself. It will not void the warranty if you use the correct natural gas conversion kit that fits your grill. What grill are you considering purchasing? – Michael

    • I did convert ours to natural gas, and now we have a un-limited supply of gas, and I LOVE IT !!!! We had the kind that can be converted to natural gas, so all I did was remove the orifices.

    • Brian
      My wife and I purchased a Char Broil Dual Fuel grill with the same intention. the converasion was simple. you will need the adapter to natural gas that Char Broil makes and it can usually be purchased in the same store you buy your grill. Look for the Dual Fuel logo on the grills when determining which one you want. I had already run black iron gas line and placed a quik connect adapter to be able to remove and store the grill. The orifice is simply a fitting inside where the burner connects to the supply line. It has to be removed for use with natural gas. If you buy a Dual Fuel Grill the owners manual shouls step you through the conversion process

  2. I have a Char-Broil grill, Professionl Series. It was blown off of our patio this past winter and was lying on the ground for approximately 2 and 1/2 months. My wife and I had gone south for the winter. I cleaned the grill as best I could. It works, but will not generate much heat. The flames on the burners will not go above approximately 3/8s of an inch. What should I do to correct this problem?

    • Ed…

      I hope that was all the damage you sustained cause that musta been one heck-of-a windstorm! First you may want to take a look at your product manual and break down the grill according to the assembly instructions for the fire box and inspect things. There may be gunk stuffed up in the various tubes and connections. That inspection would include the feeder tubes to and away from the control knobs. Secondly – is the regulator working properly?

    • Dear Ed,

      I have your Char Broil grill and I love the cooking flavor. The one problem since I bought it is that I cannot get the heat high enough to cook meat quickly. Is there a way to increase the temperature?

      Thank you,


      • Low flow can sometimes be caused by the safety device within your regulator being tripped. A tripped regulator can occur when the propane tank was turned of before the grill or also if there is a leak anywhere in the grill. To reset your regulator, please first, make sure the grill is turned off. Always turn the grill off first and then the propane tank. Disconnect the regulator from the propane tank and wait about a minute. Then reattach the regulator to the propane tank, turn the propane tank on and follow the lighting instructions on the grill. Sometimes this can take a couple times to fully reset. For further troubleshooting please give us a call and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to assist you. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

        • I thought there was a video describing how to turn off and reset the gas regulator if the is a possible leak causing the heat to stay between 250 and 300oF. I believe I tuned on the controls before I turned on the gas valve. Is there a video I can see to correct this?

          • When turning your grill on make sure to first turn the propane tank on and then turn the grill, following the lighting instructions. To turn your grill off, turn the knobs on the grill off and then the propane tank. Doing this incorrectly can trip the regulator and cause a low flow issue. However, this can be resolved by resetting the regulator. I apologize, the video is not currently available, but we do have a guide to walk you through this process. Please follow this link… – Dustin

        • Our manual states emphatically that the tank is to be turned off before the grill. We have the same problem with low flames, but not everytime we grill.
          Please respond.

          • To best investigate this, please provide the model number for your grill. When turning off your grill we recommend first turning off the control knobs and then the propane tank. Turning off the propane tank first can trip the safety device (Quick Closing Coupling) inside of your regulator and cause a low flow issue. This basically makes the regulator think that there is a leak somewhere in your grill so it cuts the gas flow. The regulator can be reset by being disconnected for about 30 seconds and then reattached. This should allow gas to flow more abundantly through your grill. Please follow this link for indepth troubleshooting on low flow… For further information give us a call at 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

      • How long have you had your grill? I have had mine for a long time and the parts are unavailable.But I had the same problem,and took the burner out and there was a lot of rust inside of it.Icleaned it out but found acrack in it.I think that was the problemwith it.I replaced it with a different one and burned my chicken.


      • Ralph, when you wrote “I WAS READING MY INSTRUCTIONS AND NOTICED…” I noticed a tear in my eye…darn allergies!

  3. Hi I own the charbrooil quantum series infrared gas grill, but the grilling plate is so dirty ive tried everything steam cleaning wire brush, but its still messy. Even worse my gas grill never came with a cleaning tool :( can I exchange the grilling plate or talk to someone in support. I have only used my grill less than 5 times and I dont even use it because of the grilling plate having baked on grease that will not come out.

    • I apologize for the issues you have encountered with this model. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and definitely want to make sure that you are fully able to use your grill. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and we will be more than happy to assist with this matter. – Dustin

  4. How do I replace a sterter on my charboril. It isn’t working.

    • I’m sorry to hear about this. We definitely want to get you back up and grilling. Please give us a call so that we can assist with getting this part replaced. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  5. Stareter doesn’t work. How to replace.

  6. According to the video on your web site, a scraping tool should have been included in my Grill, but was not. How can I obtain what looks like the real ‘key’ to scraping the grill channels, which I do freq

    • Thomas — contact customer service when you register your grill and let them know. BTW – as a point of information: Was your grill assembled at the store? If so – they may have it stowed away with all the other information (grilling guides, etc.) that come with the grill.

      • I am also looking for that “key scraper” that fits perfectly in between the grates. Where can I get it?

        • Michal – when you purchased your grill there would have been one in the information packet (cello sealed product manual) If you didn’t get one – give the folks a whistle where you purchased and see if they have an extra!

  7. I have a Char-Broil Commercial series infrared grill its almost a year old and the markings for the burners to adjust from high to low are all coming off to wear you cant read it hardly anymore is this still covered under warranty ? What can I do to stop the rest of it peeling off ? Thanks

    • Please contact our customer service line at 1-800-241-7548 and someone will be more than happy to assist you with this issue. For future cleaning of the control panel and bezels, I would recommend using either warm soapy water or biodegradable grill cleaner with a soft wash cloth. – Dustin

      • same thing happened to me..all details came off even though I only cleaned it with soapy water..happened to other people too I see

  8. Trying to register new product on line. I keep getting an error when I try to select purchase date. I click on the calendar and the correct date show, but the site only has 3 spots for year so it will not take2012

    • I apologize for this issue. Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist with getting your product registered. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  9. Last year I bought the small Infrared Commercial grill ($269). Within three months the grates were completely rusty. I bought some cheap inserts to use now. Now the outside has pit spots. I never registered the grill as I did not think this would happen. I previously had a grill for 7 years. My theory from now on is to buy a $99 grill and you can throw it out every year. I will discourage anyone from buying these grills.

    • I apologize for the issues you have encountered with your grill. Have your grates been seasoned? Please give us a call at your earliest convenience and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to assist you. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548 and our lines are open until 6pm EST. – Dustin

  10. trying to register new grill, but your site calendar will not accept my date of purchase of 03-30-2012,and today is 04-08-2012 so i am close to my 10 days for registration, so would you please fix the problem,I see others are having the same trouble.

    Thank you
    Charles Miller

    • I apologize for the registration issues you have encountered. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to assist you with registering your grill. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548 and our lines are open until 6pm EST. – Dustin

  11. We bought a Char-Broil Red 300 Infrared 2 burner grill sat from home depot. The salesman told us in order to keep the u shaped infrared thing clean they tell everyone to put heavy alum. foil over it to catch the grease then when the grill has cooled down gather up the foil and throw out. I did this and it worked ok but I was wondering if that affects the grilling at all. Please let me know if this is ok to do.

    • I would not recommend fully covering the trough with foil or any other material. This can affect the functionality of the grill by trapping heat in and not allowing it to distribute properly. Seasoning your trough will help to keep anything from sticking and prolong the lifetime of the trough. – Dustin

  12. I purchased from lowe’s their item 94772 Model 463243812 no product guide/instructional manual was given to me. They assembled the grill.
    After using the grill 3 times the grease was so burned on the grate that those holes were clogged and created teriffic smoking
    The grease collects.on plates and does not drain into grease pan. Grease pan seems to be installed correctly. What is the remedy for this? Could you email a manual for this grill. The grease is so burned on that we cannot clean. Could you send us replacement grates? Grease is everywhere on inside of grill except in grease pan

    • I apologize for the issues you have encounterd with your grill. Have the cooking grates in your grill been seasoned? Seasoning your cooking grates will help with clean up and also prolong their lifetime. Please follow this link for more information on your grill, seasoning and also to access the assembly manual… Using a brush, such as the Quantum Grill Brush or the Brush Hawg Grill Brush, should be able to remove any food particles or grease that has built up on your cooking grates. The Quantum Grill Brush was designed specifically for the cooking grates in your grill. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to futher assist you with this. – Dustin

  13. I purchased my CharBroil grill in 2010. I’m not sure of the model number, but it’s a smaller grill w/ 2 internal burners and a side burner. I don’t do a lot of grilling, so it’s been used minimally. After sitting all winter, I decided to grill some chicken breasts & corn on the cob in foil recently. For some reason, by the time I was done cooking, there seemed to be a blackish coating on the inside of the grill cover, and both the foiled corn and chicken breasts had a greyish “soot-like” coating on them.

    I purchased a stainless grill cleaner yesterday (Grand Gourmet brand) and have tried to clean the grill today. It still seems when I turn on the grill and pre-heat it that the “soot-like” coating returns. My grill grid is black not silver, so I don’t know if it is stainless steel or if it has a coating. Is a stainless steel grill cleaner the appropriate choice? What could be causing this coating and how can I get rid of it?

    Thank you for your assistance and advice!

    • It sounds like this could be a mixture of carbon build up on the inside of the grill lid and also dirty flame. To remedy the flame issue, please make sure that your burners are properly aligned with the gas valves. Also check to see if the port holes on the burners have been enlarged. If you are still experiencing a yellow flame, and the burners have been cleaned out, please change propane tanks.

      Warm soapy water or biodegradable grill cleaner and a cloth or brush should be able to remove any sort of build up inside of the grill lid. For more information and troubleshooting on this please give us a call. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  14. I moved into a home built in 2010 with one of your grills. I was super excited but when I turn the gas on, and yes I can smell that it is on, the igniter, which I can hear firing, doesn’t light the grill. Help!


    • Please make sure that the electrode for the ignitor is within a quarter of an inch away from the burner. This will allow the spark to carry over. Also, check to make sure that there is nothing obstructing the burner that could block gas flow. For further troubleshooting please give us a call at your earliest convenience. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  15. Hello,

    I just received the replacement fire bowl for my grill. Thank you for that! However, it did not come with instructions on how to replace the fire bowl. Can you send me instructions detailing the proper steps to replace the fire bowl. The grill is a Commercial Series 4 burner with flame tamers.



    • I apologize, but we do not have individual instructions for firebox replacement assembly. However, we should have the assembly manual available for your grill and this would provide information on installing the firebox. The assembly manual can be accessed by searching the model number for your grill in the search bar on our website or by giving us a call. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. Our knowledgeable grill specialists will be more than happy to assist with providing assembly information and answering any other questions you may have. – Dustin

  16. For some reason there are bigger flames coming out of the front of the burners than the back of the burners. Could the burners be clogged or do I need to replace? Thank you.

    • This could be the result of enlarged port holes or obstructions within your burners. Please make sure that your grill and the propane tank have been turned off and then remove the burners from your grill. The burners can then be flushed out with water or air. A paperclip can also be used to poke through each individual burner port hole. Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to troubleshoot this issue and help to get it resolved. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  17. I turned on my grill to heat up. The wind picked up and seemed to blow the flames to the front. The grill reached 550* when I went to check on it. Now my knobs do not work and I can not adjust the heat. Could something have melted around the knob base? The grill is only 3 yrs old. I use it a lot year round. Should I replace the knobs or could it be worse?

    • If the gas valves can still be turned without using the control knobs and still adjust the flame they should be alright. However, the best way to tell the full extent of what was affected would be with images. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to investigate this and best assist you. – Dustin

  18. The Infared grills are not as easy to clean. They are fooling you. It is very difficult and requires lots of maintanenance! Stay away!

    • Which style of infrared grill do you currently have and what is the model number for your grill? Sometimes, clean up can take a little bit, but by providing regular cleanings after each use and also seasoning the cooking grates the total time spent cleaning should be cut down. Seasoning the cooking grates in your grill will also help to improve their performance and prolong their lifetime. Please make sure to check out our videos on cleaning and seasoning your cooking grates. If you would like we could provide further information by direct emailing you. -Dustin

    • I second this. I was so excited about this grill(true infrared 2 burner gourmet), because we were told by the saleslady at Home Depot that it was so easy to clean. I have used the grill 4 times, have spent 2 hours after each use cleaning – using the recommended techniques – and the grill looks like I’ve had it 15 years and never bothered to clean it.

      • What all steps are you taking when it comes to cleaning and what products are being used to assist with this? After cooking for multiple people on the Gourmet Urban grill it normally takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to clean. – Dustin

  19. I have a charbroil Quantum with 4 burners,one for pots.I have a tough time cleaning the unit . I find the unit runs fine after an extensioe work over but after that the temp never gets high enough to do a good job. DO you recommend a cleaner and specific brushes for this unit?

    • To best clean this grill I would recommend the Quantum Grill Brush and Biodegradable Grill Cleaner. Please follow this link for information on both… The Quantum Grill Brush was designed specifically for the cooking grates in your grill and will be able to best assist with cleaning them. For further information please make sure to reference the videos that we have available on cleaning and seasoning the cooking grates in your grill. If you would like to give us a call we would be more than happy to assist you and answer any cleaning questions you may have. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548.

  20. Month ago my mom purchase True Infrared grill, Instructions was very easy to follow . I start to looking for a different Brands with the same specks and I did not found one ,I could not resist to be with out one well I made one of the best decision by purchasing the infrared,the Meat, Fish, sausage,and vegetables are out this world.PS to whoever read this comment I highly recommend this product from CHARBROIL.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Please share any pictures you have of your grill in action. We would also love to hear any stories or recipes that you may have. Make sure to like us on Facebook to be part of our online cookout… – Dustin

  21. I have a Char-Broil model # 463268008. Ever since I have had this the back of the grill has had large flames and gets real hot while the front of the grill stays cool and does not cook any thing. I have looked in the owners manual and there is nothing in there on how to adjust the flame. Can you help me.

  22. Just got our new grill for my wife as a mother’s day gift. Charbroil RED (Model 463250511). During assembly we had a serious concern. The sideburner “burner tube” doesn’t seem to truly seal/connect with the valve. The diagram (Step 10 of basic assembly, page 19, diagram B) seems to indicate that there is supposed to be a space. The burner tube also doesn’t seem to have a interface that would fit the 6-sided valve; it also has two metal mesh pieces right where the end of the valve fits. These lead me to believe the space is intentional. I have searched through the instructions a dozen times probably and can find no clarification. The instructions merely state, “Make sure burner tube engages sideburner valve, shown B.”

    So, the end question is; are we missing something? Is there supposed to be a space here?

    • The gas valve should insert directly into the sideburner without the need of another part. These two parts will not completely seal together because oxygen is needed in the mixture to help promote ignition and fuel the sideburner. For further information, please give us a call. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  23. My new Char-Broil Commerical T-22 came with Char-Broil “stickers” on the tops of both side shelves. Any idea as to how to get the stickers off?

    • The stickers on your grill are attached by a static cling and should just peel off. – Dustin

  24. I bought my char-broil performance series bbq around four years ago. I have found it to be an excellent choice, no complaints whatsoever. The on-line support has been the best I have seen. Now I have just ordered some replacement vaporiser tents from the U.S.,if this step goes without a hitch, I will be truly amazed! Good Job :)

  25. I purchased the Infrared 4 burner gas grill, model number 463271912, about 2 weeks ago.
    I also purchased the brush hawg and seasoned my grill before use.

    I noticed after about 5 uses that the infrared grill grates began to chip in several spots. Again I only used the brush hawg, per your manuals reccomendations and the grill grate brush that was included.

    So I returned them because a friend who has the same grill said their never chipped away.
    So the place I purchased it at replaced the grill grates.
    So I used them today (I seasoned them again) and after done cooking I closed lid and ran it at high heat for 15 minutes, then I used my brush hawg to clean, after the very first use, the grates are chipping again. I don’t know what the outer coat is made of, but it is chipping off again.

    What is the deal? I decided to spend more money for quality and I’m flustered with my purchase thinking I should have just gotten a traditional grate system on my grill.

    Is this a common occurrence and the grate is okay, or should it not be chipping away? I’m worried that the enamel will get into food, and that it won’t cook properly. Its turned into a huge hassle.

    Please advise

    • I’m sorry to hear about this. From you description, it definitely sounds like your cooking grates are being cleaned correctly. If you would like to give us a call we would be more than happy to investigate this and best assist. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548 and our phones are open until 6 pm EST.

  26. I purchased model 463620410 last spring and had to hire someone to assembly it. The first few times I used it, it was fine. Then the left burner ignighted with a very high yellow flame and even on the low setting it still was high. The right burner seemed to be OK. This month I took the cover off and there was evidence of spiders. I was prpared to clean out the tubes, as I had done with my old grill, and discovered I had to practically disassemble the thing to get the burners out. I cannot afford to hire someone once a month to take the unit apart to clean it. There should be an easy way to clean the burners on these grills.

    • Depending on the model of grill, each burner should be held in the back by one or two screws and attach at the front by sliding over the gas valves. Normally, only the cooking grates, flame tamers and possibly carryover tubes would need to be removed. To best clean your burners we recommend flushing them out with water or air and then poking through each individual port hole with a paperclip. Please make sure that your burners are fully dry before inserting them back into the grill. Routinely doing this will help to keep obstructions, such as food particles and insect nesting, from blocking gas flow in your burners. – Dustin

  27. I have a 3 burner quantum infra red gas grill, propane, 2 1/2 yrs old, seasoned as instructed, cleaned thoroughly after each use, and an annual cleaning and seasoning as per user recommendations. My problem? The grates, stainless steel, and the infra red dispersion plates are rusty, and the mini penetrations on the dispersal plate are opening up. The stainless steel grates are distorted and rusting on the sides on each formed grate tube.
    My question? Is this normal for a grill that is used twice per week and really maintained and cared for? Can the infra red dispersal plates be substituted for the newer version pan type? Can the stainless steel grates be replaced with the porcellian covered cast iron grates? Please answer via return email.

    My regards,

    R. Duncan

  28. According to the video on your web site and other customers, a scraping tool should have been included in my Grill, but was not. I purchased/received my unit in a sealed box on 03/24/12 so the store did not lose it. After reading the other comments I am beginning to suspect Quality Control is failing to ensure that the scraper is included in the package. How can I obtain what looks like the real ‘key’ to scraping the grill channels. Should customer service be able to provide this scraping tool?

    • Please contact our grill service center and we will be more than happy to investigate this and send the missing item out. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  29. Our Red is very susceptable to any kind of wind. How best to handle this on days when the wind is switching directions? It seems to be the back of the grill that is affected most. Is there a way to desin a deflector with foil that does not close off the back but deflects wind?

    • The opening in the back of the grill is needed to allow for air to vent out and for oxygen to flow through the grill. We cannot recommend covering the back of the grill in any way. I apologize for this. For the best solution, please try to keep the opening out of the wind. – Dustin

  30. I just bought Tru Infared (Gourmet). I would strongly recommend you put a stabilization bar across the rear of the cabinet, unless the front doors are closed it’s pretty “wobbly”….mine was assembled at Home Depot.

    • We appreciate your feedback and would definitely like to investigate this. What is the model number for your grill? – Dustin

  31. I have a grill that is the infrared heat type. I have returned one because it did not spark to light. Now the second one is doing the same thing.What do I need to do to get the part I need. I did’t buy a gas grill to continue lighting it with a match or lighter. I think paying almost $400 for a grill it should last a little longer than it has. Please help me with what part I need to make this work properly.

    • It sounds like your grill has an electronic ignition. This is where you press the button in once and it clicks multiple times to start. If this is the case and it is no longer sparking, please try replacing the battery in the ignition. If this does not resolve the issue, give us a call and we will be more than happy to go through troubleshooting and investigate this. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  32. I have to say that I love the grill so far. I purchased the Infrared Commercial T-22D a few week ago and it grills awesomely. My only concern is the excessive amount of smoke that it produces while preheating. I completely followed the instructions for seasoning the grates and oil it after each use. Before preheating I wipe down the surfaces with a cloth like the instructions say. I’ve only used the grill about 4 times but each time it heats up, the smoke gets pretty bad. I try to clean it the best I can and also try to run it on high for 10-15 minutes after grilling, but there is still a lot of debris left. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Due to the high temperatures, smoke from debris burning off is possible. Are any brushes are scrapers being used to help remove food or grease particles that may be sticking to the cooking grates? – Dustin

      • We have the same issue. My husband cleans it and the smoke is terrible.

        What is this about? I could not even sit out there tonight when he was cooking because the smoke was so bad.

  33. I have a Char-Broil gas grill model# 463722712 C-23G3CB. I am assembling the side burner and the instructions say to attach sideburner ignitor wire (C). But it does not say where or what to attach it to. I am confused. Please advise.


    • The side burner ignitor wire runs from the side burner electrode to the side of the ignitor. There should be a small metal piece on the side of the ignitor that the side burner ignitor wire attaches to. – Dustin

  34. I have a Char-Broil commercial series that has the four main burners and the side burner, I converted it to natural gas when we purchased it and almost everything works perfectly. The only thing that I can not get to work is the side burner. The ignitor is showing spark but obviously it is not getting any gas. Is there something I am missing here? Thank you in advance.

    • Was the side burner working correctly before the grill was converted to natural gas? Please make sure that the side burner gas orifice has been removed and also that there is nothing obstructing the gas flow into the side burner. You may also want to make sure that your natural gas line is setup at a pressure of seven inches water column. For further troubleshooting, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  35. I am having trouble with 3 of 4 burners shooting out a yellow flame. I have an older model 463453205 and have replaced all of the internal parts, the regulator/valve assembly. Quite expensive to do if none of this works. Need your assistance – thanks!

    • Have the burners been cleaned or has the propane tank been switched recently? This can sometimes be caused by grease and food particles building up within your burners or also the type of gas from your propane tank. – Dustin

  36. Always great to find a new blog this terrific! I’ll be coming back for certain

  37. I purchased the discontinued T-36G Performance Grill and assembled it myself. I found it easier to perform the wiring step (14) prior to installing the front brace (12). This allows easier access to the interior and allows the wires to be dressed out of the way.

  38. We recently purchased a Char-Broil Commercial T-22D. We are experiencing a problem I haven’t seen any references to.
    Our problem is the heat is TOO HIGH! No matter where I set the dials, the temperature won’t go below 600° – 650°. Is there a way to adjust the burners to get a lower heat?
    Also, several pieces of the porcelain finish chipped off when assembling. Should I touch these spots with anything to prevent rust?
    Thank you.

    • Mine chipped too. I see you got no response

    • I do apologize for the late response. Is an initial preheat being performed? If so, this can keep the temperatures in your grill up. To help lower the heat, try lifting the cooking grates and allowing some of the heat to escape. The hook from the end of a grill brush should work well to lift a cooking grate. Only using one burner and offset cooking can also provide lower temperatures. If any of the parts in your grill were damaged when you received them please let us know and we will be more than happy to get this taken care of. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. For further contact information please follow this link… – Dustin

  39. I have a Char-Broil Commercial series infrared grill (3 burner plus side burner. I bought it used so not sure of the model date, about 2005 – 2007. All of a sudden, the electric ignition isn’t working. I have changed the battery and verified that it is screwed in tightly and correctly, but I get no sound when I push the button. I check the troubleshooting area of the maual and it advises I should replace the ignition assembly. But, the electronic ignition assembly kit that I see in the repair parts area of the website only includes 1 of the actual electrodes. Should I replace all 4? Or do you think I might just need the electronic ignition module? Also, I’m looking to replace the 3 cooking grates, and the website advises they will be available again June, 2012, but it also says “unavailable”. Are these available or not, at this time? Please advise.
    Thank you.

    • To best assist with this I would need the model number for your grill. The model number should be on the rating label of the grill and also on the front cover of the product guide. It does sound like the ignition needs to be replaced. One electrode may be all that’s needed because the flame should be able to transfer over with the carryover tubes. However, the older electrodes may still work with the new ignitor. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience and we will be more than happy to investigate this and help with finding the correct parts. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

      • I’ve been encountering the same problem with my 4-burner Commercial Series grill (which is also equipped with a side burner). I changed the battery and this was resolved for this one time only. Now there is no clicking. I just tried to call the Service Center phone number – my manual says the Service Center’s business hours are “Open 24 hours – Seven days a week.” You were closed! Anyhow the model number for my grill – purchased on 09/27/2004 – is 463241004. I am not particularly inclined to take the grill apart and put it back together. What can I do to get my grill working again?

        • I do apologize for the issues you have encountered. If you have gone through troubleshooting and tried replacing the battery, but it is not resolving the issue, your ignitor may need to be replaced. We would be more than happy to assist with this. Our hours of operations have been updated since this product guide was originally printed, but our phone number is still the same (1-800-241-7548). Our hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm EST and Saturday from 10am to 6pm. If you would like, I could send you an email providing more information on replacing your ignitor. – Dustin

  40. We purchased a new store assembled (floor model). It did not come with a manuel. This unit works great. Had this only a few months.

    Looks like your Tru-infrared T-22d but w/stainless grill. One part that came with it is a small type of spring looking part that is curled at each end. What is this ? Great Grill. We purchased this for $ 169.00

    • Congrats on the new grill! It sounds like this part may go inside of the electronic ignition module. To further investigate this we will need the model number for your grill. The model number should be printed on the rating label and the rating label should be on the back panel of the grill. With this model number we can send you out the product guide. – Dustin

  41. Wen I first started to use my commercial series 580 four burner infred grill, I seasoned the cooking grates as required. The first couple of times of use they showed signs of rust. I notified char broil and they wanted a picture uploaded. By the time I could send A picture they responded by saying case closed. Now the grates have rusted through in places.I bought A char Broil grill thinking it would last along time,and it was veary expensive.And looking at the price of grates i might as well get acheap grill,also the grates arn’t the easiest to clean.

    I will say the grill does cook well.

    • Larry, we very much value you as a Char-Broil customer and want to investigate this to see what could be causing the issue. Seasoning the cooking grates will definitely help to provide a protective layer and keep food from sticking, but they may still rust over time. We will be sending you an email so that we can best assist with getting you back up and grilling. – Dustin

  42. I purchased my Quantum grill about four years ago. This is my fourth summer using it. I have replaced my grates and housings this year for the first time. They where not really rusted more like burned away. I have the same problem with the themometors in the front of the grill. I have purchased four new ones three times from your online store. They seem to only work for one ore two uses, then each one of them reads a different temp even if grill has been off for days. When they do work for those few days each one read a different temp. Out of four burners, set at the same flame height, each one would give a totally different temp. I know they are just to be used as a guide and are not 100% accurate, but I don’t know which one is the closest to the real temp. Too be off by 100 to 200 degrees is a big difference. The flame box cannot have that much of a difference when all burners are lite. Please advise, is it worth spending money again or just let it be?

    • I apologize for the issues you have encountered with the temperature gauges on your grill. Each gauge may not always read the exact same temperature, but the readings should still be similar when all of the burners are on the same setting. We very much value you as a Char-Broil customer and to further assist with this I will be sending you an email. – Dustin

  43. Have used my he infrared grill about 3 times now. Thermometers show temps at 600F. However this grill seems to cook very slowly. First time tried to grill checked at 350 -400F but could not get te chicken up to temperature. Have seasoned the u-shaped grill but not the gril plates underneath. Could that be the problem, or should I be looking for something else? Just got a new propane tank today to be sure I had enough…but cooking still seemed slow.

    • I would recommend seasoning the cooking grates as well. Is a separate thermometer being used to check the cooking temperature? If you are experiencing low temperatures, the regulator may need to be reset. This can be done by turning the grill off at the control knobs and then at the tank. Remove the regulator from the tank for a few minutes and then reattach. Please follow the lighting instructions on your grill. Starting with the propane tank and then the grill. For more information on this please follow this link… – Dustin

  44. Nice video. This will surely help in cleaning my dirty, rusty grill. I’ll bookmark your blog for more maintenance related information. Keep it up!

  45. I have an Advantage series 3 burner + 1 sideburner grill model #463453306 approx 5-6 years old. cooked good until about a month ago, then I noticed it would not heat above 400 deg. and took a long time to cook even hamburgers. It had the original “cast iron” burners and they were in bad shape as was the “carryover bracket”, so i ordered new. The only thing I changed was the burners, I switched to stainless steel, vs the cast iron. The grill will still not heat past 400 deg and when I open the lid to put on the food the temp drops and never seems to even recover to the 400 mark. I have tried the suggestion that the regulator had been tripped, even following a staement that it might take “several attempts” to reset it.still no better. even switched to a new tank that I know is full (my other tank that i was using previously seems to be about half full. I’m at my wits ends trying to solve this. A “new” valve, hose, regulator assy #70000067 is almost $60. Please help me!

    • Hiya Ed, I can feel your pain and so can dozens of other folks who pitch in with ideas at the Char-Broil LIVE Community Forums…there is a link at the top of the page. I suspect there is a blockage in the line – this can happen in a grill this age and may require a bit of dis-assembly, something you seem familiar with, to use a bottle brush or compressed air to blow out. Head over and get more input from some of the other users and see if one of their experiences matches your own.. ~ Barry ‘CB’ Martin

  46. Just bought my grill today. Set it up and go to start and the flames are so high that I’m afraid it’s going to burn my house down.
    How do you adjust the flames to the settings of low to high?

    • Fred, I apologize for the delayed response. If the control settings are thought of as the face of a clock, 12 o’clock should be off. Around 9 to 10 o’clock will be high and the flame should decrease as the knob is rotated counterclockwise to about 3 o’clock. The fatter or marked end of the control knob should be used as the indicator of your heat setting. For further information please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 or follow this link… – Dustin

  47. Hi,

    I recently bought a used ‘stainless steel’ grill, model number: 463268806.
    It held up pretty well, for being out in the weather for several years.

    But the 5 flame tamers and the burner tubes beneath were rusted, almost to dust.
    Okay, that was no problem, you still sell replacement parts.
    The flame tamers you offer were over priced for the thin steel they are made of. I found someone selling actual stainless steel flame tamers, so I purchased them via Ebay.

    But I bought 2 new tubes from the Charbroil website.

    The first thing I did when the “Stainless” burner tubes finally arrived, was hold a magnet up to them.
    The magnet stuck to them like it was plain old steel, which apparently they are.
    I could not find one little part of these burner tubes that were made of ANY stainless steel, except for one single screw that came in a bag in the box.

    Now, I don’t mind that you are selling stuff made in China, but DON’T list them as made of stainless steel material if they are NOT.
    I would have found the flame tubes somewhere else and would gladly pay more money for actual stainless tubes, so they WON’T rust out and cause a major flame out inside the grill at some later date.

    Anyways, I was about to order the other 3 tubes, but even with free shipping, I’m not happy there isn’t an actual stainless steel model available.

    I’ve been able to ‘season’ the new tubes, but they still look like they will rust away in a year’s time.


    • Eddie, the burner that you shared a link to is 430 grade stainless steel. This stainless steel is used because it holds up well under high temperatures, but magnets can still stick to it. As long as this burner is being routinely taken care of it should last for quite a while. I would recommend removing the burners and flushing them out with water and then using a paper clip to poke through each individual port hole opening. Depending on how often you grill, this can be done a minimum of around once a month. – Dustin

      • Hi Dustin,

        Thanks for the quick reply.
        I never heard of that grade of stainless steel. (430)
        All I know for sure is: it took only one day in the NY Humidity and the flame tube holes began to rust, and this was before I had used them on grill.

        I coated them inside and out with peanut oil, used the old rusted burners to heat the new burners to temp and ‘seasoned’ them both, and so far, the rust has subsided.

        I’ll going to order up the other 3 tubes I still need. I currently have the old rusted tubes wrapped in heavy aluminum foil to keep the flames from burning out of control, but that’s not a good option for a long term fix.

        Thanks again for the reply.


        • Eddie, we would definitely like to investigate this for you. If you would like I could email you to create a case and further assist. A case can also be created by following this link to our phone number and online form… – Dustin

          • Hi Dustin,
            Well, I tried to contact your complaint department via the website. It won’t let me.
            (Says message already sent.)
            Maybe it went through, but I doubt it.

            Send me an email via

            I have verizon for my email, but it has a terrible spam filter that blocks a lot of my messages.



          • Eddie, I just found you in our system. Please check your email. – Dustin

  48. We have the small urban grill. The concept is brilliant. Counting the original trough, I just received the third trough under my one year warrantee. My wife can’t cook any more and this grill is a perfect solution for just the two of us. Virtually every meal hyas been BBQ’d since last September. The warrantee will be up the end of September. We do not mind payuing for one new trough over a years time considering the usage factor, but what recourse will we have if the trough keeps burning or rusting? We wonder if the concept preceeds the technology? We hope the trough coating continues to be improved to become more durable. It sure takes a high temperature beating. Our concern is we will go broke replacing the trough. We have fastidiously done every maintenance reccommendation. What say you?

  49. My owners manual said to heat grill on high for 15 minutes before the first use to get rid of oils used in production of my infared I season the grill after that initial startup or before?

    • John…season after that first “trial heat” and be sure to let things cool down before you handle the grates, etc. OH and before that first run – make sure to check inside the grill firebox to ensure all of the packing material has been removed…it just doesn’t make one happy to smell that stuff when it burns up! Welcome to the Cookout! ~ Barry ‘CB’ Martin

  50. My mom purchased a char broil Model 463250212 with a self cleaning feature. We cannot find any directions that tell us how to use this feature. There is nothing in the booklet we received with the grill. Can you help us figure this out?

    • To utilize the clean feature on your grill, please turn your grill to the clean/ignite setting. This is the hottest setting on the grill. Run this for about 15 to 20 minutes and this should burn off anything that is sticking to the cooking grates or emitter trough. For more information please follow this link… – Dustin

  51. I purchased a 3 burner commercial infrared grill T-36D (Model # 463247412) in Feb 2012. I really like the grill, but I have a problem – the ignitor module switch simply fell apart and needs to be replaced. Isn’t this covered by warranty – its no even 7 months old.

    • I apologize for the issues encountered with this grill. The ignitor is definitely still covered under the warranty. It actually appears that a warranty order has been placed for you. Your warranty order should be received within seven to ten business days. – Dustin

      • Dustin & Char-Broil,
        Thanks for responding to my problem so quickly. I’m looking forward to replacing the ignitor switch and years of cooking on my new grill.


  52. We bought a Char-Broil Red Grill Model 463250211 at Home Depot last year. We are moving to a condo where you can only use a natural gas grill according to the Condo association.
    What natural gas conversion kit would be compatible with our grill? Apparently some of the tru infrared grill can be converted and some cannot? Pls advise – thanks much.

    • I apologize, but this grill is not one of our dual fuel models. It is designed to only run on propane and cannot be safely converted to natural gas. For a similar grill that can be converted please take a look at model 463250212.

  53. Hi,

    We purchased model C-22G0S, 2-burner Char-Broil gas grill from Kmart yesterday and have spent the afternoon assembling it. We noticed there is a gap in the burner tube and valve for both burners running from the propane tank, surrounded by mesh. When we turned the tank on, we immediately smelled gas and shut it back down. Is the gap in the burner tubes intentional?

    We tried several times to reconnect the tank and locate the source of the smell, but it seems to be coming from the grill and we are hesitant to even attempt to use it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated before we return the grill to the store.

    • Rhiannon, it sounds like the gaps you are speaking of are air intakes that allow oxygen and gas to mix in the burner. The mesh overtop of the openings is there to keep spiders and insects from being able to get into the burners through these openings. Please reference page thirteen of the product guide for your grill. The illustrations should show this opening. This is a link to the PDF…,%20463611212%20English_28a019b7-c_.pdf. It is normal to smell gas when the grill is turned on. Please double check this with the product guide and if these are not matching up or excess gas is flowing though this give us a call (1-800-241-7548) or respond to this comment. We will then send you an email. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and definitely want to make sure that you are able to fully use your grill. – Dustin

  54. my grille has porcelain grates. How should they be seasoned and cleaned. None of the video’s address porcelain grates.

    • To best season your porcelain cooking grates I would recommend using canola oil or a high heat oil. Apply this to the cooking grates and then turn the grill to high for about 15 minutes. This can be done before the first time the grill is used and also continually throughout the life of the grill. To clean the cooking grates, use a soft bristle brush, such as the Brush Hawg Grill Brush, and warm soapy water or biodegradable grill cleaner. After burning off everything in your grill for about 15 to 20 minutes the cleaner can then be applied to the cooking grates and be brushed off. Cleaning is recommended after each use. For further information please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 or contact us by following this link… – Dustin

  55. I have the Charbroil Professional Series grill Model 4632240.

    My burner bracket has rusted and I need to replace it. Every site I check, including Charbroil’s says the piece is not available. Suggestions??

    • I do apologize, but your grill appears to be an older model and this part is no longer available. I did quite a bit of investigating to try to find a replacement, but with the four burner design we do not have a universal part that will fit. We currently have a lot of grills on sale if you would like to look into a new grill. Please let us know if you have any questions. – Dustin

  56. We were going to purchase another Char Broile, but 3 of the 4 places we went to said I couldn’t use my old hose. I have a 250 gal lp tank and used a converter hose to hook to the grill. 3 of the places said I had to buy a converter package and replace the ports for natural gas. Who is right. I’m buying the same type grill and use my same lp tank. I shouldn’t have to use a converter.


    • Andy, thanks for keeping Char-Broil a part of your cookout. Which grill were you looking into? Most of our grills are designed to work with a standard 20 lb propane tank and our dual fuel models can be converted to natural gas. I do apologize, however, we cannot recommend attempting to hook any of our grills up to a propane tank larger than 20 lbs. This could greatly affect the functionality and performance of the grill. Please reference the product guide for any grill that you are looking into and give us a call if you have any questions. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. Keep us updated on what grill you decide on. – Dustin

  57. I have a 7000 Series CharBroil that’s ready for a rebuild and a Natural Gas Conversion.
    I don’t know the model number, but it’s a 44,000 BTU, 2-element burner with additional side burner.
    What number NatGas Conversion Kit do I order !??

    • We actually have a few different natural gas conversion kit available. To best assist and make sure that we provide the correct information we will need the model number for your grill. The model number of the grill should be on the white rating label, on the back of the grill, and also on the front cover of the product guide. If the model number isn’t available, we can use images of the grill to identify it. Please follow this link… – Dustin

  58. I have a Oil less turkey fryer not sure of model #. I used the oil less turkey fryer a week a go at work. I’m setting up for Thanksgiving and now the burner will not completely light. It lights for a second and goes out. I swapped propane cylinders to a full one, and still get same results. Please advise!

    • Dave- I’m sorry to hear about the issue with your burner. It sounds like this may be caused by a tripped regulator. A tripped regulator is usually the result of a change in gas pressure, the grill being turned on or off incorrectly or a leak. However, resetting the regulator is a pretty easy process. First, make sure that both your Big Easy and your propane tank are completely turned off. Then disconnet and let the unit sit for a few minutes. After this, reattach the regulator to your propane tank, turn the tank on and follow the lighting instructions for your Big Easy. Make sure that when using your Big Easy that the propane tank is always turned on first and when finished that the Big Easy is turned off first and then the propane tank. For more information please follow this link… – Dustin

  59. We purchased the big & easy oil less cooker. We tried a chicken a few nights before thanksgiving to give it a test run. Chicken came out great. When we did the turkey, we left it in there for the amount of time suggested and until it reached the correct temperature, but the outside of the turkey burned. How do we prevent this?

    • Alisa- Congrats on your new Big Easy. This unit can cook just about anything. I’m sorry to hear about the outside of your turkey being burnt. Was the turkey still frozen when it was placed in the Big Easy? If cooked from frozen, the skin will thaw out much faster than the inside of the turkey and can actually cause it to burn. If possible, try to have the turkey at room temperature before placing it in your Big Easy. Be sure to checkout all of the great recipes we currently have available for the Big Easy through Char-Broil LIVE. – Dustin

  60. Hey Dustin love the grill still dont have them 2 parts. 1- thermometer and 1-grill plate i call it that but its the one that sits in the emitter plate. I sent my receipt but havent heard nabk from you. Thanks.

    • William – I can see where we have received your sales receipt. Give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and we will be able to help get these parts replaced. – Dustin

  61. I have a char-broil performance series Model 463461206 Serial 0605427225. I took out the 3 burners to clean them and am having trouble getting them back in properly. I know that they fit into the openings where on the outside are the control knobs. But I cannot get them to sit snugly on the screws that they sit on. Can you help? Any pictures, manuals, etc. I can refer to? Thank you.

  62. Hi I am considering a char broil infared grill. I am in and out of my local Lowe’s and Home Depot all the time and have beeen checking them out the past few weeks since they started getting them out. Can you explain the difference between them? I would like to know why the heating systems are different between the gourment and commercial series and what makes each unique or which is better. thank you so much for your time and I hope you can help me

    • Paul-

      This is a great question and we appreciate your interest in our grills. Both the Gourmet and the Commercial grills have TRU-Infrared technology that provides high temperatures, even heating and juicy flavors. With more control over the heat, cook times are shorter so less propane is used. Both grills are TRU-Infrared, but each is designed differently so that it is able to provide a unique grilling experience. The Gourmet is exclusive to The Home Depot and has a U-emitter trough(s) under the cooking grates. Wood chips can be placed in the U-emitter to add smoky flavor to your food. The Commercial TRU-Infrared grill is exclusive to Lowe’s and uses a cooking grate housing system to provide a TRU-Infrared experience. Wood chips can also be with the housing trays in this grill for the added smoky flavor. Whether you are looking to sear in flavor or going for more of the low and slow style of heating, both grills are able to step up to any challenge. These grills are equal on all fronts so the main question is which one do you feel would be best for you? Please keep us updated and let us know which grill you choose. We are always here to help if you have any questions. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548 . For more information on TRU-Infrared grilling please follow this link…


  63. On 07-07-2012 I purchased the Commercial Tru-Infrared Model# 463243812/ Ser# G350071203002084 from Lowe’s.

    I went to do some spring cleaning last week and the Ignitor Switch Module (the button that is pressed to ignite the grill) has fallen apart.

    Is this a Warranty issue? Other than that the grill is great!!

    • Kent – Thanks for being a part of the Char-Broil family! I’m sorry to hear about the issues with the ignitor. The ignition module is still covered under the warranty and we would definitely be able to assist with placing a warranty order for you so that we can get this part replaced. Please follow this link to setup a case with us… – Dustin

  64. I have a Char-broil Advantage series grill. We’ve had this for about 5 years, everything works perfect. Just a couple weeks ago we got hit by golf ball size hail and now I’m turning it into insurance. I was curious if anyone could tell me when they stopped making the advantage series and what model is a good replacement for this.

    • Kelly – I’m sorry to hear about the damage to your grill. We definitely want to help to get you back up and grilling. How many burners did your grill have and what color was it? If you have the model number for your grill this would greatly assist us with looking up information and providing insight on a similar model. – Dustin

  65. Hello , I recently purchased the Commercial series 4 burner grill , LOVE IT.
    I noticed in some of the videos they are cooking directly on the stainless steel infrared emitters , my grill has cast iron grates that go over the emitters …….
    Should I cook on the grates or the emitters ?
    – Dwane

    • Dwane – Some of our Commercial Series grills have stainless steel cooking grates and emitters that are designed a little differently than the cast iron cooking grates that you have. Any time the grill is used, food should be sat on the cooking grates. The cooking grates and housing trays are designed as a set and you never want to split up a good team. Happy grilling! – Dustin

  66. For some reason when I turned on my Red Charbroil Infrared today no matter how long I wait, the temperature has only risen to about 250. I have all 3 control on High. I cleaned everything so I know that isn’t it. Is it possible the burner tubes need replacing? The grill is between 3 and 4 years old.

    • Gary – I’m sorry to hear about that. There are a few different things that could cause low temperatures in your grill. If the burners are clear of obstructions I would check for leaks along all of the gas-tight fittings. This would include the regulator, along the hose and also each gas valve. A 50/50 soap/water solution can be applied to all of these areas. Turn the grill on and if there are bubbles there is a leak. Resetting the regulator may also help to resolve this. Please follow this link for information on regulator reset… For further troubleshooting please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and we will be more than happy to assist. – Dustin

  67. Hi, i’m from Colombia and i just bought a infrared gourmet grill of three burns, i’m very happy now cause a few days ago i was frighten theatre the flavor wasn’t good, but now i know its the same lime charcole, and you know héroe in southamerica we lime to grill only in charcole, so i want to say thanks and i would like to know moré about how to grill with gas.

    • Andrés – Congrats on the new grill and thank you so much for the nice comment! TRU-Infrared allows for tons of control, even cooking and high temperatures. Follow this link for tons of free cooking tips and recipes… Happy grilling!- Dustin

  68. Sorry about mu english, and the wrong words, thats for the language ir is configured in my iPad

    • Andrés – Thank you for sharing this with us! Congrats on the new purchase and welcome to the family. We have a lot of great information about gas grilling available on our website [ ]. You can chat with Mike on our website and he can direct you to the supplemental grilling guide that will be able to explain a lot of detailed information about grilling! Also, please feel free to give us a call and one of our grilling experts will be glad to walk you through some basic steps on using your new grill! 1-800-241-7548 (Monday and Tuesday 8:00am EST to 9:00pm EST, Wedneday-Friday 8:00am EST to 6:00pm EST, or Saturday 10:00am EST to 9:00pm EST) – Mandy

  69. Hi there…My question is, is there anyway to get the grates on the infrared grill looking new again? Any special spray/cleaner. I was given a very nice Char-Broil grill that was previously “loved” and want to surprise my husband…but sad it doesn’t look “newish” for him. Thank you for your help.

    • Danielle – Congrats on the new to you grill and welcome to the Char-Broil family! For stainless steel parts like the grates, we would recommend to soak them in a 50/50 mixture of distilled white vinegar and water for a few hours. This will help lift away food particles and other things to aid in the clean up process. Dish soap and warm water along with an old dish rag will help get some of that lifted up too. We have an eco-safe stainless steel cleaner to help with getting the outside looking like new. Check out this link… …for more information. – Mandy

  70. Is there other oils we could use to oil the grates besides canola oil? We don’t use most vegetable oils, can we use coconut or olive oil? We did buy a bottle of canola oil to use when we first bought our infrared grill, but when it is out I would rather not continue to use it.

    • Paula –

      The reason you should use canola oil is that it has a much higher smoke point than other oils. Olive oil can be very expensive and has a really low smoke point compared to canola which is why we recommend canola. I hope this helps!


  71. I have a new Commercial infrared two burner Char-Broil grill.
    The grates are porcelain coated cast iron grates . Do I need to season the grates, if so how can I do this? is it the same as seasoning the Infrared emitter. there are two types of emitters stainless one with holes and one that is like a sink. Which is better?

    • Congrats on the new Commercial TRU-Infrared Grill. The cooking grates and the housing trays can be seasoned. To season, apply a high-heat oil, such as canola oil to the cooking grates and housing trays. Then turn the grill to high for about 20 minutes. Seasoning will add a protective which will keep food from sticking and prolong the lifetime of the parts. Both of the infrared emitters mentioned will work equally well and will evenly distribute heat. Wood chips can be used in the emitters as well to help provide a smoky flavor to your food. You’re going to love the way this TRU-Infrared grill cooks. Our TRU-Infrared grills are able to provide juicier flavors, with a wider range of temperatures and more control. Keep us updated and let us know if you have any questions. Happy grilling! – Dustin

  72. I just assembled our Char-Broil Gourmet TRU Infrared T-36 D. On page 20 of the Product Guide, Steps 12 and 13, it looks like after attaching the wires to the Electronic Ignition Module, the Tank Heat Shield is placed so that the wires now rest on top of it, between the heat shield and the metal sheet below the 3 main burners.

    Is this correct? Won’t the wires’ covering melt? Thanks for any advice on this.

    • Howard – The wires should be able to connect by the side of the heat shield so that they are not resting directly on it. However, the wires resting on the heat shield should not cause an issue. If you would like, please create a case with us and we can review pictures of your grill to make sure that everything is assembled correctly… – Dustin

      • Thanks Dustin. I pulled the wires a little tighter to lift them off the shield. They were coming down the side already. Using it now and everything seems fine. Thanks. By the way, what is that wire thing with a loop at each end hanging from a chain down the outside on left side of the BBQ?

        • Howard – That’s great to hear. The chain and ring on the side of your grill is there to assist with manually match-lighting your grill. Please reference page eight of your grill’s product guide for more information on this. – Dustin

  73. The manual for my Char-Broil Gourmet Model T-22D has a section titled “Spider Alert” on page 9. It advises that “to ensure good performance the burner and venturi assembly should be removed from the grill and cleaned before use when the grill has been idle for an extended period.” I have no problem removing and checking the burner tubes but am uncertain about the venturi tubes. Are they separate parts? If so, Can you explain how they are removed?

    • Geoff-The “venturi tube” is actually a part of your burner. It is the part that connects to the valve that feeds gas into your burners. If you remove your burners and clean them out with a wire brush, that should take care of any spiderwebs or debris that may be blocking up your burners. Happy Grilling! – Neil

  74. My neighbor recently got a Charbroil grill and he wanted it converted to natural gas. My boyfriend put it together. So, the conversion kit is put on and now the ignition won’t light. Is there something wrong?
    Also, he didn’t want the side burners, so my boyfriend took them off.

    • Leah – I’m sorry to hear about this. Do you know if the natural gas conversion kit used to convert this grill was designed for it? The number for the natural gas conversion kit should be printed on the rating label on the grill. If the incorrect conversion kit was used it may not be allowing enough gas to flow through the grill and could also keep the control knobs from turning properly. Has the battery in the electronic ignition been checked or can a spark be seen when pressing the ignition switch? There should be a AA battery in the electronic ignition. Can the grill be manually lit? If so, this would be an indication that the issue was with the electronic igniton. Removing the sideburner can also drastically affect the performance of the grill and impact it negatively. Please follow this link to create a case with us and we will be able to best assist with this… – Dustin

  75. Please help .. how do i adjust the flame on a model 463620411 model..i tried turning it down to low but the flames went out..I think..if it turned down to low will see any flames?

    • Maxine – I’m sorry to hear about the issues encountered with your 2-Burner Grill. When turning the control knobs up and down the flame height should adjust accordingly. If not, you could be experiencing a low flow issue and the regulator may need to be reset. The regulator can become tripped if the grill has been turned on or off incorrectly, if there is a leak, or if the regulator is not hooked up properly to the propane tank. Resetting is a simple procedure that involves disconnecting your regulator from the propane tank for a few minutes and then reconnecting, turning the propane tank back on and following the lighting steps on your grill. Always make sure that a 20lb propane tank is used and when starting the grill that the propane tank is turned on first and then the grill. When finished grilling, make sure to turn the grill off first and then the propane tank. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want to make sure that you are able to enjoy your grill and take advantage of everything it offers. If you are still experiencing issues after resetting or for further troubleshooting information please follow this link to create a case with us… – Dustin

  76. How I can clean with Charbroil Electric Patio or Gas Grill Patio Grate? I can not find video for this type of grill grate. Because, it is different other grate grill to how do clean with it. Also, I want to know what kind of brush should buy for this kind of the model of the grill grate. Thanks.

  77. I have a commercial Series Char-Broil, Model 463251705. I have been having issues with the flame recently. I refilled my tank. Connected the regulator and the flames don’t seem as high. I disconnected the regulator several times and even tried to clean the burner where the flames come out. I might have did something wrong because now I can’t get far left and right burners to ignite. When I turn the knob on those burners I see the flame on the 2 middle go down. The middle burners again still don’t seem as strong as before. Any suggestions? Thanks, David

    • David – I’m sorry to hear of the issues encountered with your Commercial Series grill. We definitely want to help you to get back up and grilling. If the burners are clear of obstruction and the regulator has been reset I would recommend checking the tank. If the tank was just recently filled it may have been overfilled and this would restrict gas flow. A sign of an overfilled tank is ice or frost on the regulator. If the tank has been overfilled please return it to the supplier. Please follow this link for more information on low flow and regulator reset… One of our knowledgeable grill service specialists would be more than happy to best assist with additional troubleshooting. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 or follow this link to create a case with us… – Dustin

  78. We recently purchased a CHAR-BROIL GOURMET T-36D – MODEL 463251713 grill and have used it several times.
    The last time we used it we had a lot of food residue left on the grates (porcelain). I followed your instructions to heat the grill, or high for 15 minutes to clean it. It charred all of the food residue, but it also melted the porcelain off of the cast iron in places and it is flaking off. Some of the porcelain sort of puddled and remains on the edges of the Infrared emitter where the grates are supported. We are afraid to use the grill even after I removed most of the flaking. Was the porcelain on the grates defective? What should we do to make the grill usable? Should the grates be replaced. Is the cleaning process too harsh for the porcelain coated grates? Your recommendation would be appreciated.

    • Marvin – Congratulations on your recent purchase! We are sorry to hear that you have come across a situation such as this and would like to investigate further for you to determine why this has happened. If you could please follow this link… …to get a case created with us so we can see about getting some images sent in for further review in the matter. We look forward to assisting you! – Mandy

  79. I have had a big easy for 2 years and this year it will not fire up. What could be my problem. I have a new tank of propane and still nothing?

    • Robert – I’m sorry to hear about this. If your Big Easy will not light it is most likely either experiencing a low gas flow or there is an issue with the ignitor electrode. Have you checked to make sure that there is a spark when you turn the ignitor switch? If there is a low flow occurring the regulator may need to be reset. Please follow this link for low flow information ( Please give us a call and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to best investigate this and help to get it resolved. – Dustin

  80. Hi, I purchased a Char-Broil Quantum Infared grill in 2012. My first year of use was great (although it took a while to get used to cooking using this new style of grilling). At the end of this past summer, after water being tossed on it due to a cedar plank buring a bit out of control, the darn thing is having serious performance issues. I initially thought I had gas flow issues, so I replaced the propane tank. Unfortunately that did nothing for the issue. What occurs is I have a delay in ignition (@ 15 to 30 seconds of holding the ignite button while it sparks). Then, after ignition, the thing only stays lit for 5 minutes or so at a very low temperature. Please help, I don’t want to have to buy another grill so soon!

    • Jerry – I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’ve encountered with your grill, but this is something we can definitely investigate for you. You are a valued Char-Broil customer and we want to help get this resolved. Please follow this link… …to create a support case with us so we can start assisting! – Mandy

  81. The gas line for the side burner doesn’t look like it’s sealed; is that supposed to be like that?

    • Domonic – There may be some space between the side burner venturi tube and the gas valve. This will allow for oxygen and gas to mix properly. If you are concerned about this connection, please give us a call and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to best assist. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  82. I own a Big Easy gas grill (Mod. 46 38 233). Lost the manual. I need to clean the right burner. Would like to know how to remove the burner. Is there a link that you can share with the instructions or a video that could help me?

    • Mao – The burners can be removed by being pulled off of each gas valve. A pipe cleaner can then be used to thoroughly clean each burner of obstructions or debris. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and one of our knowledgeable grill service specialists will be more than happy to best assist. – Dustin

  83. I have a new “Classic C-453 grill. I believe it has porcelain coated cast iron grates. In the Product Guide manual that came with the grill, it says to clean the grates with a wire brush in a paragraph headed “Routine Care”. In the next paragraph labeled “General Cleaning” it instructs me to clean porcelain finishes with much less abrasive methods. What process/tools/products do you recommend that I use to clean the grates of my grill?

    • Buba – Congrats on the new Char-Broil grill! To best clean the cooking grates in your grill we recommend using one of our nylon brushes. Nylon brushes are strong enough to remove grease and food particles, but will not damage your cooking grates in any way. Biodegradable Grill Cleaner can also be used. This cleaner is non-abrasive and completely safe to use on your cooking grates. Simply, spray and wipe off. Follow this link for more information on our grill brushes and cleaners…

  84. I bought a Char-Broil Commercial T-36D Tru infrared (model # 463241313) grill 7 months ago. I followed the directions to season the emitter plates. Now, 7 months later, the emitter plates AND the porcelain coated cooking grates are rusting. I am cleaning them with a brush and will re-season the emitter plates, but what do I do about the porcelain coated cooking grates??

    Also, in the book that came with the grill, it says to burn off the food when you have finished cooking, but on…
    ( it says to NOT burn-off your grill, but rather leave the cooking residues on the grates to keep a protective coating on the cast iron. Which is it??
    I think I liked my RED much better than this grill. sorry I left it behind when I moved.

    • Kay – I’m sorry to hear of the rust issues encountered with your grill. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and definitely want to help to get you back up and grilling. When cleaning the cooking grates and emitters in your grill, a soft bristle brush and nonabrasive cleaner can be used. The burn off method can be used before a cook. Please follow this link to create a case with us ( and we will be able to best assist you with this. – Dustin

  85. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to unclog the little holes in the under plates for the Char Broil Infrared Commerical grills? Mine are clogged with grease and scrubbing with a wire brush doesn’t seem to be working very well. These holes being clogged kind of defeats the purpose of the whole Infrared technology.

    • Denny – We’re sorry to hear of the issues with cleaning your cooking grates. We recommend using a nylon brush instead of one a wire brush. A nylon brush will allow for a much more thorough clean and is not as hard on the cooking grates. We also have infrared grate cleaning tools that will further assist with removing food and grease. Please follow this link for more information on our cleaning tools… Our knowledgeable grill service specialists would be able to providing cleaning steps as well. Please just give us a call at 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  86. We just purchased a new Classic C-46G and just fired it up to burn off the oils. I ran the grill on high for 15-20 minutes as directed in the manual. The handle became too hot to touch, is this normal? I would think the handle may get warm, but not to the point where it is unusable without an oven mitt. Thanks so much!

    • We’re sorry to hear of the handle becoming so hot. Was tin foil used to cover the cooking grates or was anything blocking the back of the grill? If anything is preventing the heat from properly venting it will flow back towards the front of the grill. Was your grill in direct sunlight for an extended period of time? This could also cause the handle to become very warm. Please give our knowledgeable grill service specialists a call at 1-800-241-7548 and we will be able to best investigate this. – Dustin

  87. Both my dad and I have the commercial series infrared 5 burner BBQ. The self cleaner has worked fantastic until we changed the battery on the side of the BBQ. After that, neither of us has ever been able to get the self cleaner to work again. Does anyone have a solution to this problem. thanks in advance

    • Jeff – We’re very sorry to hear this. Are you still able to use the grill function? Has a different battery been tried? Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and provide the model number for your grill. This will help us to best investigate and thoroughly troubleshoot everything. – Dustin

  88. Hello,
    I have a designer series grill. I am wondering how to clean the griddle. It appears to be textured and coated and scratches on contact with metal. What should I use to clean it?
    Thank you,

    • Stan – For the griddle, you can use an old rag with warm water and dish soap in your kitchen sink. Just be sure to let it dry completely before putting it back with the grill. It can also be stored indoors. Thanks and Happy Grilling to you! – Mandy

  89. Be Extremely careful when using a brush ( with wires ) when you clean your grill.

    About 3 years ago my brother in law got very sick and almost died. He was very ill and for months the doctors were stumped as to the cause. They finally found out that a small piece of wire punctured and was lodged in his intestine. It was removed and he quickly recovered. They determined that the wire came form the Wire Grill Brush.

    I thought that it was just a freak accident. Just this year I heard of a woman that had a very similar experience .

    My suggestion would be to use a different method to clean the grill or if you use a wire brush make sure that you somehow wipe down the grill after you use the wire brush.

  90. The burners/burner tents on my Char Broil “Big Easy” grill need to be replaced, but they are no longer available. Can I replace them with a Char Broil universal burner? If not, what are my options, other than buying a new grill?

    • Jeanne – We would be happy to look into this and help to find the correct replacement parts for your grill. Please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 and provide us with the model number for your grill. We will be able to best assist. – Dustin

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