Barry ‘CB’ Martin

It’s been my pleasure and honor to write the Sizzle on the Grill newsletter for more than 6 years and I have enjoyed every minute! Recently I was honored to be asked to create recipes and write the informational pages in two 3 cookbooks from Char-Broil:

Everybody Grills!

America Grills!

Canada Grills!

Barry "CB" Martin

Barry "CB" Martin

What person could complain about getting to grill nearly 365 days a year and write about it? Moreover I truly enjoy meeting you through your letters, emails and in person as I get a chance to taste great backyard grilling and barbecue around the country! Wherever I travel I try to find the local food and sample it. For my money, the best way to experience local food is to dine with friendly folks eating local “cuisine” and enjoy some good conversation with that meal.

About once a week or so I get a letter asking me about the nickname “CB”.  More than one skeptic has suggested it’s a marketing gimmick to match up with the sponsor. The truth is I’ve had the moniker for more than 25 years.  It given to me by a group of room mates when we were just getting started in our business careers and lived in a big house by the beach. None of the others knew very much about cooking and I knew just a bit more. After a few months it seemed the meal plans were my responsibility and all the guys started calling me “Chef Barry”.  While I have worked in a variety of restaurants and cultivated an appreciation for fine cuisine as a head waiter and wine steward at both French and American restaurants – I am not a professionally trained chef and I believe that word “chef” should only be used to describe folks who have seriously trained and mastered a wide range of skills. In truth they “earn” it. For me, it’s a nick-name I’ve had for more than 25 years by which I have become known to readers and use to sign my recipes and columns. The bottom line is I’m just a guy who really enjoys cooking and serving food to his friends and family. When I write about recipes for grilling, smoking or Q’ing it’s because these are recipes I prepare. Now I expect there are many folks who are better cooks than me, and certainly you may be one of them. I just try to share some of my experiences to (hopefully) encourage you to take on the challenges of grilling, or Q’ing or smoking food that pleases you and delights your friends and family. I cook what I enjoy eating and I’m always interested in expanding my understanding and appreciation of food!

Please share your thoughts about all of the posts about recipes, tips and tricks here – because I’d love to hear from you about your reactions to the recipes or with suggestions on how to improve them! Post a comment after one of the articles, subscribe to the Char-Broil e-newsletter Sizzle on the Grill, start or join a conversation about recipes, grilling, smoking or barbequing food on the Community Forums.

Thanks and…Welcome to the Cookout!

  Barry “CB” Martin


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