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  • Bacon and Blue Cheese Stuffed Sliders
    Bacon and Blue Cheese Stuffed Sliders
    A simple trick to remove the hassle from preparing and managing a bunch of little sliders as well as keep them from drying out....
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  • Savory butter burgers
    Savory butter burgers
    Quick and flavorful burgers using a compound butter as a flavor boost....
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  • All-American Meatloaf Burgers
    All-American Meatloaf Burgers
    All-American Meatloaf Burgers combine the best of savory meatloaf with the special flavors of char-grilled hamburgers....
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  • Blue Cheese & Bacon Stuffed Sliders
    Blue Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Sliders
    These tasty sliders contain a cheesy bacon surprise....
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  • City Burgers
    Mini Cheeseburger Sliders
    There is no need to be in a frantic rush and chained to your grill this New Year's Eve if you just do a little prep work. As a professional chef, getting things lined up and prepped out is by far the most important part of my job whether its for a small dinner party for 30 or a large...
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  • Chipotle-Burgers-
    Famous Chipotle Burger
    These burgers have flavor, texture and a bit of a smoky kick!...
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  • Curt-McAdams-Brisket-Burger
    Char-Broil All-Stars Favorite Burger Recipes
    What do the Char-Broil All-Stars have in common? On the very top of the list is one single-solitary word: Burgers. These All-Stars share their favorite recipes....
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  • Thai-Burger-Paul-Yates
    Thai Burger
    Leave it to Char-Broil All-Star and Englishman Paul Yates to present a version of the classic American hamburger sandwich - with a unique taste attitude!...
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  • Portobello-veggie-heaven-burger
    Portobello Veggie Heaven Cheddar Burger
    Veggie Burgers have come a long way toward offering meaty flavors - with grilled portobello mushrooms!...
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  • Smoky Mountain Burgers
    Smoky Mountain Burgers
    The taste of smoky grilled beef burgers is indescribable....So you better make these to know why they are my favorite!...
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  • Cheseburger-barry-cb-martin
    CB’s Classic Cheeseburger
    Cheeseburgers are an American original and CB presents a simple formula for making them at home!...
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  • Curt-McAdams-Brisket-Burger
    Beef Brisket Burger
    If you grind your own meat for burgers and sausage, this will be breeze for you. If not have the butcher do it for you because the flavor of freshly ground brisket is exceptional!...
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  • "Gourmet Burgers" with Dofino Havarti Cheese
    “Gourmet Burgers” with Dofino Havarti Cheese
    Havarti is a mild, buttery cheese with a slightly nutty flavor and perhaps the most popular specialty cheese on the American table. Havarti’s soft texture makes it great for melting, so anywhere you’d use just plain old American or ho-hum cheddar, you can create a whole new flavor, and it’s healthy, too!...
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  • CB's Inside Out & Upside Down Burgers
    CB’s Inside Out & Upside Down Burgers
    This is a recipe best made as a group project - and is especially liked by teenagers. Get the whole family involved in creating burger patties that reflect their personal favorite flavors....
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  • Lean Mean Cheeseburger
    Lean Mean Cheeseburger
    Lean beef is better for you - but can be dry and sometimes lack flavor. Try adding some flavorful oil like avocado or olive oil to this meat to increase the oil (fat) without the bad calories. Remember ground beef should be cooked to the USDA recommended internal temperature of 160°F degrees....
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  • "HOT Cha-Cha Chipotle Burgers"
    “HOT Cha-Cha Chipotle Burgers”
    Print"HOT Cha-Cha Chipotle Burgers" Rating: 51 Prep Time: 15 minutesCook Time: 15 minutesTotal Time: 30 minutes Yield: 4 servings Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, and Tabasco Chipotle sauce all add a zing to these Chipotle Burgers.Ingredients2 lbs ground beef 3 tablespoons crushed garlic, or to taste 4 tablespoons […]...
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  • CB's Bite-Size Burgers
    CB’s Bite-Size Burgers
    PrintCB's Bite-Size Burgers Rating: 41 Prep Time: 20 minutesCook Time: 15 minutesTotal Time: 35 minutes Yield: 20 servings Ingredients1 - 2 lbs ground chuck 20 Dinner Rolls or hard rolls 20 1 inch squares of sliced cheese (your favo 1 medium sweet onion that is peeled and […]...
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  • Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese Burger
    Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese Burger
    PrintCaramelized Onion and Blue Cheese Burger Rating: 51 Prep Time: 20 minutesCook Time: 15 minutesTotal Time: 35 minutes Yield: 4 servings With caramelized onions piled high on top, this blue cheese burger is an instant classic.IngredientsUSDA Choice or Higher Freshly ground sirloin Char-Broil® Pinch of Sizzle? All […]...
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