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  • Steak: Take its Temperature
    Steak: Take its Temperature
    The only way to know when a steak is done to your liking is to take its temperature. Here's an easy guide to grilling the perfect steak every time....
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  • Take a Steak Break - The Ultimate Steak Sandwich
    Take a Steak Break – The Ultimate Steak Sandwich
    Tenderized minute steaks with all the toppings - spicy mayonnaise, guacamole, grilled veggies and a fried egg - makes the Ultimate Steak Sandwich....
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  • Livefire Steak Au Poivre
    Livefire Steak Au Poivre
    It’s true that a TRU-Infrared™ grill can be used to cook just about anything, but there’s really nothing that quite tops a grilled steak at the end of the day. It’s great to add just salt and pepper to a steak and grill it, but you can […]...
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