The Ultimate Guide To The Big Easy 2-in-1 Electric Smoker & Roaster

Creating A Tasty Meal Just Got A Lot Easier!

More than simply a slow smoker, exclusive infrared technology allows for faster cooking at roasting temperatures with 15 preset temperature settings. No more overcooked or under-cooked meat with Auto Shut-Off feature – just program the desired internal temperature, and the cooker turns off when the digital probe thermometer detects the desired temperature has been reached.

The Big Easy 2-in-1 Offers:

  • 15 preset temperature settings give you the ability to smoke, roast and more with temperatures ranging from 125 up to 525 degrees F
  • Programmable temperature control with auto shut-off prevents overcooking
  • Clean setting turns power off after 30 minutes of high-temperature burn-off
  • Digital probe food thermometer eliminates the guesswork without opening the lid
  • Add real wood favor with chips or pellets in the hinged, front-access smoker box
  • Includes one chrome wire cooking basket, 2 adjustable cooking racks, 1 warming basket, outdoor cooking guide, and drip pan with disposable liner
  • Hinged lid circulates smoke
  • Cool-touch handles for easier transport
  • Plugs in to any common 120V power outlet and nod hassles of charcoal
  • 16-pound turkey capacity

Now On To The Details…

Weight (In Pounds) 37.0000 TRU-Infrared® Yes
Fuel Source: Electric Grill Width (inches): 17
Grill Height (inches): 21 Grill Depth (inches): 27
Grill Color And Finish: Black – Powder-Coated Finish Number Of Burners 1 Electric Element
Auto-Clean® Yes Ignition Turn Knob

Video Product Guide

Click on a tab below to watch a quick video on how to use The Big Easy 2-in-1 Electric Smoker Roaster.


You will find that most of the product assembly has been completed for you at the factory. Complete any remaining steps and reference all safety and usage information found in the Product Guide.

Be sure the holes in the cooking chamber are positioned towards the front of the unit. This will align the holes in the cooking chamber with the holes in the smoker box so that smoke flows properly during use.

Control Panel Operation

Operating the control panel of The Big Easy is well, easy.

Plug the power supply cord into a properly grounded, GFI protected outlet. If an extension cord must be used, refer to the “Extension Cord Use and Safety” section of your product guide.

Press Power On/Off Button power on or off the unit.

If the Digital Food Thermometer is not fully engaged into the Jack, three dashes will appear in on the display.

Once the Digital Food Thermometer is plugged into the unit, the temperature it measures will be displayed in degrees Fahrenheit on the LCD Food Temperature Display.

To toggle between degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit, press the Temperature Mode button.

An audible beep sounds each time a button is pressed. Press and hold the Temperature Mode Button for two seconds to disable this feature. To re-enable this feature, press and hold the Temperature Mode Button again for another two seconds.

The control panel is designed to automatically power off after 12 hours of continuous operation.

Setting The Target Temperature

To set the target temperature, press either the (+) or (-) Temperature Control Button until your desired Food Temperature is displayed. Reference the chart inside the back cover of the Cooking Guide for the USDA recommended safe minimum internal food temperatures.

You can press and hold either the (+) or (-) Temperature Control Buttons for 2 seconds to scroll rapidly through the temperatures or press slowly to change temperatures in increments of one degree.

The LCD Food Temperature Display will alternate between the (CURRENT) temperature of the food as measured by the Digital Food Thermometer and the (TARGET) temperature you select.

Once your Target Food Temperature is reached, an audible alarm sounds and the heat cycle is turned off. The controller will beep once every 30 seconds until the Power Button is pressed.

Setting The Power Level

The Big Easy TRU-Infrared™ Smoker & Roaster features 15 Power Levels that make it an extremely versatile outdoor cooking appliance.

Reference the Temperature Chart to set the correct Power Level depending on outdoor weather conditions. If you are cooking on a colder or windy day, use a Power Level on the higher side of the temperature range. Setting the correct Power Level isn’t an exact science and is part of the fun of outdoor cooking. If you find your food is cooking faster or slower than you like, simply adjust the power level accordingly.

To set the power level, press and hold either the (+) or (-) Temperature Control Button for 2 seconds to scroll rapidly through the temperatures.

You can also step through the power levels slowly by just pressing once to advance power levels higher or lower.


Just like a cast iron skillet, the stainless steel cooking chamber must be seasoned prior to use. This is most important as it will allow the cooking chamber to function properly. In addition, it will make cleaning easier and inhibit rusting.

Coat all interior surfaces of the cooking chamber with vegetable oil. If you use a vegetable spray, wipe down the cooking chamber after spraying to ensure an even coat. Turn The Big Easy on, set the Power Level to (15), close the lid and allow it to heat until the vegetable oil burns off and stops smoking. The shiny finish of the stainless steel cooking chamber should now have a very dark brown or bronze color.

You are now ready to cook. The more you use your Big Easy, the better it will cook. The darker, more-seasoned, the cooking chamber becomes the hotter and the more evenly it will cook. A light coat of vegetable oil before each use will keep the surfaces seasoned and help prevent any rusting.

Using The Digital Food Thermometer

With The Big Easy, food is done once it reaches proper internal temperature. Always use the Digital Food Thermometer to monitor internal temperature.

For the most accurate results, insert the probe into the thickest part of the food – not touching bone, fat or gristle before lowering into the cook chamber. Place the digital food thermometer cord to the left side of the cooking chamber before closing lid and inserting into the Jack.

Set the target temperature using the USDA guidelines printed inside the back cover of the product guide as a reference.

The Big Easy will monitor the internal temperature of food being cooked and power-off automatically once the set target temperature is reached.

After cooking, check the temperature in several places to make sure the food is evenly heated. Use caution when doing this as the thermometer may be hot.

Make sure to clean your food thermometer with hot, soapy, water before and after each use. Do not immerse it in water or wash it in the dishwasher.

Using The Smoker Box

Processed wood pellets or real wood chips can be used in the smoker box. When filling with wood chips, shake the smoker box and tamp to settle the wood chips and maximize the capacity eliminating any air gaps. This will allow the wood chips to start faster and burn longer. When full, the chips or pellets should not be higher than the top of the smoker box.

Soaking the wood chips in water before use will not extend the smoking time; only lengthen the time before they start to smoke.

Return the filled smoker box to The Big Easy, close the lid, and set the Power Level to 15. The wood chips or pellets will begin to smoke after approximately 15 minutes – depending on outside weather conditions. In cold or windy conditions, it will take longer for the wood chips to start to smoke. Allow the chips to smoke for 3-5 minutes before lowering the power level and adding food.

Depending on the Power Level setting, real wood chips will smoke for over an hour in the smoke box. Wood pellets will smoke almost twice as long. When refilling the smoke box, leave a few burning embers to help start the new chips or pellets smoking. If you have no embers left or want to start with a full box of fresh chips or pellets, simply fill the box and preheat on Power Level 15 for approximately 15 minutes or until they begin to smoke.

Don’t forget to turn the Power Level back to the original setting. The 15 minutes of cook time at Power Level 15 will not affect your overall cooking results.

Removing Food From The Basket

When removing the basket from the cooking chamber, you will be tempted to immediately remove the food. Instead, place the basket on a tray or platter and allow the food to rest for 10-15 minutes. Once the basket has cooled, gently separate any places where the turkey, chicken or roast has attached itself to the basket during cooking and turn the basket on its side to remove.

AutoClean™ Setting

After removing your food return the cooking basket, warming basket, and half racks to The Big Easy. Close the lid, and press the (+) Temperature Control Button until the letter (C) is displayed on the Power Level Display. This will activate the AutoClean™ cycle.

AutoClean™ is a high-heat cycle that will burn-off most remaining food debris and conveniently power-off The Big Easy after 30-minutes. After the cooking accessories have cooled, they will be ready for brushing with a standard grill brush — similar to brushing the cooking grates of an outdoor barbeque grill. Remove any remaining food debris from the bottom of the cooking chamber and empty the grease tray once the unit has cooled down.

If preferred, the cooking accessories can be cleaned in a dishwasher or washed with soap and water instead of being left inside the cooking chamber while running the AutoClean™ cycle.

Big Easy Recipes

The Big Easy isn't just for turkey anymore!

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  1. everything i see on the sites is geared too the electic models ,,i have a gas one with the enclosed top…

  2. I have lost my book and now need Temp chart and settings

  3. I have a smoker roasted. Can I use the half racks in it?

  4. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared 2-IN-1 Ele Smoker & Roaster lost the book

  5. I was given one for Christmas but live in an apartment. Can I store this unit on a deck? (electric 2-in-1 Smoker/Roaster) The Deck is exposed to weather. I would like to keep it but may be forced to send it back :(

  6. I bought my husband this for Christmas, we used it for the first time yesterday. It turned off before it met the target temp and then I tried to turn it on today to try to use it again and it keeps turning itself back off.

  7. Can the Big Easy be get wet if left outside uncovered? Will it effect the operation?

  8. I just got a new 2in1 Big Easy (elec) and now have noticed that my wire basket has one of the welds not connected. I hate to have to return it to the seller. What is my options?

  9. I want to smoke a pork shoulder or brisket. I can’t locate a recipe for how many hours to smoke and what level?? Please help the 4th is 2 days away!! Need pound of meat hours and temp?

    Thanks and Semper Fi

    • Adam – When cooking a pork shoulder or a brisket the low and slow technique should normally be used. If done in the Big Easy 2-in-1 Electric Smoker & Roaster I would recommend keeping the power level at 3 so that the temperature stays at 225. Place the temperature probe in the thickest part of your meat and set the temperature at 160. The Big Easy will notify you when this temperature has been reached. I apologize, I do not have an estimated time for this. The time will depend on the size. Slow smoking normally takes quite a bit of time, but your patience and effort will be greatly rewarded. Hope this helped. – Dustin

  10. Hi,
    I just bought the 2 in 1 electric big easy and used it yesterday for the first time. I cooked a 7 lbs chicken. At first the bird looks great, skin was crisp, and juices was running all over. After carving the bird, the bottom was raw, right around the thigh and wing area. I used the thermometer and set it to 168. I checked varies location to make sure it did reach the desire temperature. The bird was not stuffed and it was laid flat flat on the basket with best side up. I cooked the bird at #13 temperature range. Can you explain why certain section of the bottom was raw? Did I do something wrong? Please help, would like to get the big easy ready for thanksgiving day. Thank you.

    • Tami- I’m sorry to hear your chicken didn’t turn out as desired. I would increase the temperature and cook time slightly. Cooking times can vary especially when cooking outside in colder weather. Keep and eye on your chicken, and if there is a section undercooked, add a few more minutes in should take care of it. Also, allow the chicken to rest out of the cooker for 5-10 minutes before cutting into it. This allows the inside to cook a bit more once it has been removed. For recipes and more information, I have included a link to the cooking guide for the Big Easy. Happy grilling! -Neil

  11. So sorry for the typo I’m on my cell and the auto correct changes the words at times. I meant breast not best.

  12. Could charbroil add more cooking videos on cooking a variety of foods and veggies to the website?

    • Bryant – Thank you for the great suggestion. We have some fantastic recipes and videos on the way. Be sure to keep an eye on Char-Broil LIVE. – Dustin

  13. I really love the Big Easy 2-in-1 ESR, but I have to say, I think your explanation of cooking time/power setting is really confusing. Do you have a list of ball park cooking times for different kinds of meat (turkey, beef, pork) for each of your cooking categories (Slow Smoking, Big Easy Smoking and Big Easy Roasting)?

    It would be nice to have a chart that says: XX lbs of XX meat will take between 4 and 8 hours in the Slow Smoking Range, 3 to 4 hours in the BIg Easy Smoking Range, and 1 to 2 hours in the Big Easy Roasting Range.

    • Craig – We’re happy to hear that you are enjoying your Big Easy. When using the Big Easy as a roaster we recommend about eight to ten minutes per pound, until the food reaches the correct USDA internal temperature. Cook times will increase as the temperature is decreased. Ambient temperatures can affect the cooking time. For cooking tips and information please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548. We will be more than happy to best assist. – Dustin

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