“Shroom Bombs”

Baqcon-Wrapped 'Shroom Bombs' ready to eat!

Bacon-Wrapped 'Shroom Bombs' ready to eat!

Ka Honu (sea turtle in the Hawaiian language) is a regular contributor to the Char-Broil LIVE Community Forums. He’s got a killer sense of humor and I can testify that he is a most excellent cook. His invention of something he calls “Shroom Bombs” has become legendary amongst members.  He created this to cook in The Big Easy, but it’s taken off and is easily prepared on just about any outdoor cooker or – ahem – an indoor oven in you have one of those! Take a look at this easy-to-create appetizer and have a go at making it your own style this weekend!

Welcome to the Cookout! ~ Barry CB Martin

“Shroom Bombs”

My friends and I were discussing the sophisticated technique of wrapping just about any other food item in bacon to improve the overall taste — and the conversation paused when one of us said the phrase: “Stuffed Mushrooms.”  There was a collective sigh and we immediately proceeded to develop the idea a bit more. I share the results of our experimentation here.


I stuffed the 'shrooms with a mix of cornbread stuffing, onion, leftover pulled pork, and chopped mushroom stems…


... and capped them with a slice of smoked pepper jack


...then into The Big Easy!


I pretty much follow the basic "bacon-wrapping" recipe for bacon potato bites ... except that I cooked them in TBE instead of a 400oF oven.


Don't forget the dipping sauce - it makes the dish.

Both dishes were the usual hit when prepared in The Big Easy (ho hum)!  These people actually think I know what I’m doing and I ain’t telling ‘em otherwise.  ~ Ka Honu

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