Roast-Smoking a 5lb Chicken in the Grill-Top Infuser

I’m not a big fan of products that have but one useful application.  So when I received my new Grill-Top Infuser in the mail, the skeptic in me was kinda not excited to cook with it. THEN I started talking to a few of the fellas on the Char-Broil LIVE Community Forums and they were so danged excited about cooking with it…and they are cooking a variety of food too!  So that got me excited to put it to the test.  When I get a new grill or pan or such my benchmark for cooking is a whole chicken.  I have cooked hundreds (thousands?) or yardbirds over the years and kinda-pretty-much know what to expect during the various stages of cooking. Determined the innaugural cook in this accessory would be a chicken with herb-coated feta cheese stuffed under the skin.


Miss Laura and I decided to stuff the bird with feta cheese that was coated with olive oil and our home-made Herbes de Provence.

Miss Laura has smaller hands than me so she was nominated to do the stuffing…


I usually have a mix of apple-cherry-mesquite 2-2-1 but for this cook it was just cherry…cause I wanted color with the smoke.


A 5 pound chicken was a fairly snug fit.


Lid on the whole time as the pan heated the dry wood chips began to smoke.

I heated the grill and sat the unit directly onto the grates.  The temperature reading at the gates was 500°F — and I closed the hood on the grill. As I understand the principles of using a roaster like a Dutch Oven, etc. the best way to cook is with an all-around type of heat.  When using wood chips in the unit I suspect you would want direct heat beneath but due to the air space the cooker converts the direct heat to IR (sorta kinda) and that roasts the bird with addition of smoke.


About 30 minutes into the cooking I removed the lid to get this photo – normally I wouldn’t do that…pretty much this is a “set it and forget it” type of cooking accessory.

The total cook time will vary according to temperature of the bird when starting to cook, the temperature of the grill and ability to maintain a constant even temperature inside the grill/cooker. The cooking time on this bird was about 58 minutes to reach an internal temperature of 170°F in the thighs before removing to rest and the temperature rose another 8°F during the resting period.


After resting…. Skin was a little firmer than traditionally smoked birds, the color was excellent, the meat had a good smoky flavor but not too much at all…more than a kiss, this cook was definitely a smoke-roast and not a smoke.


Clean up…used a spatula to clean out the fat-soaked spent wood chips….hot water + Dawn soaking.

I’ve since had some fun cooking several cuts of pork a small beef roast and looking forward to preparing a stuffed leg of lamb during the holidays.

Welcome to the Cookout!

Barry ‘CB’ Martin


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