Pulled Pork Tacos

You’ve attempted slow cooking a pork shoulder on your grill, smoker or in one of the The Big Easy cookers and you’ve figured out how to produce a tender smokey pork shoulder and pulled it apart for sandwiches.  Maybe there is something else you can make with all the tasty tender smokey pulled pork.  One of the members of the Char-Broil LIVE Community Forums, RAD, posted this simple-to-make idea for using pulled pork and the photos were so appealing I had to share them with you. Welcome to the Cookout! ~ Barry CB Martin


Pulled Pork Tacos

Pulled Pork Tacos

All this talk about what to cook in the Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker and I had to do a pork shoulder yesterday. That means today for lunch today we had some leftover pulled pork. What to do? What to do? How about some pulled pork tacos?


Of course you need pulled pork cooked on the CB vertical smoker.

The rest of the ingredients are really what you like, or what you have on hand.


Chopped onions, tomaters, spinach and jalapenos – I like fresh jalapenos


Grilling the soft tortillas.


Pile on the ingredients, fold, eat and repeat!

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