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Every day is another opportunity to follow my passion and explore, read and study everything about food.
Jane Evans Bonacci is the author of "The Heritage Cook," a website that celebrates the traditional recipes of American families while integrating today’s ingredients and sensibilities. Jane is a native of the San Francisco Bay area where the farms, orchards, ranches, and access to fresh seafood influences her cooking style and provides an unending source of inspiration. Her goal is to make it easier for future generations have to get comfortable in the kitchen and discover the joy of cooking and backing from scratch. She says, "Starting with my earliest days creating treats in my Easy Bake Oven, the magic that happens when ingredients are combined and cooked never fails to thrill me.” Jane was recently diagnosed with gluten-intolerance and is learning to utilize a whole new array of ingredients in her cooking and baking. Gluten-free cooking can be every bit as delicious as your regular meals and is not something to be afraid of. She shares her challenges and triumphs with all of us as a Char-Broil All-Star and on The Heritage Cook. Jane is a member of the International Association of Food Professionals (IACP), The Baker’s Dozen-San Francisco, and is on the Board of the San Francisco Professional Food Society (SFPFS). She is a food writer, recipe developer, editor and tester. In addition to cooking and baking, she enjoys photography, singing, wine tasting, spending time with her friends, and traveling with her husband.

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