How To Clean Your Char-Broil RED or Heatwave Infrared Grill

A video guide on how to clean your Char-Broil RED or Heatwave Infrared Grill. For more information, visit or refer to your grilling guide.

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  1. I have the RED and was wondering about a couple of things. If something says cook on low or med or hi which symbol on the dial do I use for each? and then what to use on the outside to clean where the symbols are? I found out you don’t want to use any type of spray cleaner as this removes all the writing but water won’t remove the spilled grease. Thank you

    • Skip – thanks for your note and question. First I hope you are enjoying the infrared cooking experience! it’s different…yes?

      Second because Char-Broil TRU-Infrared can produce such a wide range of heat — I recommend you take a look at the product manual for the descriptions of the graphics – there are searing, grilling, roasting and smoking positions – with the grilling allowing for a low direct heat to a very HOT direct heat.

      Because the setting may vary according to the meat you are cooking and what you want to achieve – I recommend heading over to the Char-Broil Community Forums and posting some of your questions on the RED topic board. Other owners of RED will give you their input on how they cooked (or would cook) the food you are wondering about.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi,

    So I have owned a 3 burner RED infared grill for 3 or 4 years now. It sort of looks like the 3 burner model you show on your web site, but it has the computer module with the timer/temp/tank level sensors too. Love the way it cooks meat without direct flames catching things on fire. Also love the convenience of putting wood chips in the bottom. Still, I have never liked how long it takes to heat the grill up, and the fact that it tops out around 400 deg F. I live in Canada, so on the occasions when I grill in the winter, it will take 30 or 40 mins on HIGH for the grill to get warm enough to cook.

    So yesterday, I am getting ready to put ribs on slow roast for my Super Bowl party. I lit the grill and set it on HIGH. Checked back in 20 minutes and to my surprise it was at well over 650 deg F (it was off the temperature gauge’s scale) and it had incinerated 3 or 4 years of crud off the grills, crud I had never been able to removed despite repeated cleanings and soakings and trips in the dishwasher. It had also vaporized the paint off the 2 side panels of the grilling enclosure; they are not stainless steel. I was quite pleased, but also puzzled where this level of heat (the sort I would want to steaks and chops) had been all these years.

    I turned it down and did my ribs. The burners stayed continuously lit and I did not change tanks all day, but when I went to go back to HIGH to burn off all the crud from the ribs, the grill could not regain the level of heat that it had generated earlier in the day.

    Can someone please exlain this to me and how do I create this sort of heat for future lightings?


    • We apologize for the issues you have experienced with your model. It sounds like there may be a low flow issue happening here. This can be caused by a tripped safety device within your regulator. To reset your regulator please just disconnect it for a couple minutes and then reattach. When turning your grill off please make sure that the grill is turned off first and then the propane tank. When you are ready to grill, please turn the propane tank on first and then light your grill and follow the instructions printed.

      The temperature spike may have occured from a possible grease fire. This is normally caused by a build up of grease igniting or an abundance of grease coming off of food that is being cooked. Please make sure to follow the cleaning instructions after using your grill.

  3. I have a new T-22D infrared grill. I have a natural gas conversion. Really awesome cooking. Just cooked about 4 times so far, steaks and salmon. Came out great. First time was 6 steaks for a small party, and wow it did a great job and people were asking me about the science of the IR cooking.

    My question is on cleaning. I thought I read somewhere, that I can put the IR plates and grill grates into the dish washer. Can I, should I do so, after I heat clean the grill?

  4. That’s awesome to hear that you are so pleased with your grill! Please share pictures with us if you have any. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend putting any part of your grill in the dashwasher. -Dustin

  5. I have a 3 burner RED infrared grill. About 3 years old. Love the grill and use it quite often.
    I am asking how do you get the reflector on the inside of the lid clean. I see it can be unscrewed from the lid, but then what?

    • Warm soapy water or a biodegradable grill cleaner with a damp cloth should be able to take care of anything that is building up inside of the top of this grill. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience and we will be more than happy to provide more information on cleaning this grill. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548 – Dustin

  6. Hi, I have the 2 Burner Infrared from Home Depot. It taking a little bit to get the hang of, but over-all I am very pleased.

    My question is how best to keep the shiney outside of the grill clean. Especially right in front of the grill, grease has splattered on it and does not come clean with soap and water. Is there some other solution I can use?

    I also notice a slight browning of the stainless steel along the sides of the cover. I’d like to clean that up too.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  7. Hi I left another comment just a few minutes ago, but I would like to elaborate on something I am seeing with my grill. When I bought it, the outside was a nice shiny stainless steel color. After having used it probably 10 times, the stainless is starting to turn brown. It’s not due to grease; it looks to be due to the heat of the grill. I am wondering if this is normal, if there is something I can do to slow or retard the progression, and –quite honestly– why you wouldn’t have used better materials to ensure this doesn’t happen. Other than this I am extremely happy with the grill. Just a little annoying that I’ve had it for 2 weeks and the stainless is becoming discolored already.

    • I’m sorry to hear about this. For cleaning around the firebox and the front of the grill I would, normally, recommend soapy water or biodegradable grill cleaner. Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to investigate this issue and best assist you with it. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  8. I just purchased my infrared grill. Both times I have used it, it has burst into flames. The first time I left it on to “clean” – I had wood chips inside so I thought maybe they got too hot and ignited the flame and started a grease fire. After cleaning it, it happened again during cooking. Can you explain and/or suggest how to avoid this problem? I just watched the video above but it didn’t seem to address it…except maybe adding the high heat cooking oil?

    • Cody, are you using foil or a similar product to cover your cooking grates? Please give our knowledeable grill service specialists a call so that we can investigate this and get you up and grilling. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548 and our phones are open until 6 PM EST. – Dustin

  9. I just bought an infared T22-D grill and have problem with it not heating up past 400 degrees. Is this normal or is there a problem I can solve?

  10. Never mind, I tapped on the regulator and it now goes to 700 degrees.

  11. I am really enjoying the T-22D two burner Tru-Infrared grill I purchased from Home Depot last weekend. The steaks I cooked on the one night of nice weather we’ve had since then were wonderfully juicy and tender and so far I’m loving it! My concern is cleaning. The salesperson at HD warned me NOT to use a wire brush to clean the grates as it would damage the porcelain coating on the cast-iron grates and that they were difficult to replace. Well, looking around on the site shows me they’re not that hard to order directly from the site, but I still would prefer not to damage what I already have. I like to take care of my stuff! So, is it safe to use a wire brush?

    • To best clean this grill I would recommend Biodegradable Grill Cleaner (model# 9985036) and our Brush Hawg Grill Brush (model# 2785049). A wire brush has very coarse bristles and could cause the porcelain coating on the cooking grates to chip. The Brush Hawg Grill Brush has stainless steel bristles that are tough enough to remove any food particles on your grill, but will not damage the cooking grates. Please follow this link for information on the Brush Hawg Grill Brush… – Dustin

  12. Hello –
    We just purchased the 3-burner Infrared stainless steel grill from Lowes. I really like cooking on it and have been using my foil pans almost always…to avoid having any clean-up; however tonight I did not use the pans for our sausage…I watched the video and am wondering if I can put the stainless steel pieces into the dishwasher or wash them by hand? Is it possible for you to send us the “owner’s manual/information guide”? I am pretty sure we never received one…thank you, Sherry and Matt

    • Sherry – the simple answer is “yes” and with a caveat. Why? The stainless steel emitter and grates darken with use and that actually (scientifically) improves the emissivity, or ability to radiate more IR energy. They do require seasoning and care much like a cast iron skillet. So if you do wash and scrub them brite and shiney, you need to reseason and make them, uh – sorry to be the one to tell you, brownish again. For more tips, tricks and answers to at least 476 questions about this grill – click on the FORUMS tab at the top of this page. The Char-Broil Community Forums is where owners/users of Char-Broil grills share ideas, tips, tricks and answer questions about cooking on their grills.

  13. We have a Char-Broil Red, and the knob decals have all worn off over the last year or so. What can we do to resolve this? Very hard to use the grill without knowing where we are on the dial. Thanks.

    • Check with Customer Service about this problem.

    • I have the same problem but you are out of luck if you are past your warranty period. Mine was covered and after 14 months the decals started wearing off. The only option was to replace the whole metal piece, for which I would be charged.

    • Yep, mine too. It’s pretty hard to know what position you are on if you can’t read it. Obvious problem for what should be considered a premium grill when I purchased it. Just letting folks know.

      • John – I’m sorry to hear about this. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want to help you to get back up and grilling. Thank you for creating a case with us. We will be reaching out to you to best assist. – Dustin

  14. I have a 2 burner infrared, we stored it in the basement during the winter and now that we have taken it back out it is pretty dirty. Are cleaning products like dish soap or oxy clean okay to use on it? Or grill cleaner for the grill plates? Please let me know, can’t wait to start using it again!

    • Most standard dish soaps should be fine to use on the inside of the grill and the cooking surface. However, I would not use any sort of abrasive cleaner. Warm soapy water or biodegradable grill cleaner with a Brush Hawg Grill Brush will normally do the trick to best clean the cooking surface and inside of the grill. The biodegradable grill cleaner or a nonabrasive cleaner can also be used on the outside of the grill. Let us know when you get your grill back up running. Happy grilling. – Dustin

  15. After cleaning the outside of the grill with soapy water and a biodegradable cleaner is it alright to clean it with a stainless steel cleaner or is there something better to get rid of streaks?

    • Depending on what part of the grill it is, stainless steel wipes can work really well to keep your grill clean. However, you would never want to use any sort of stainless steel cleaners on the cooking grates in your grill. Soapy water and biodegradable grill cleaner will work well to clean these. – Dustin

  16. Was Wondering what can i do about a misshap i had grilling tonight/

    I was using some Hickorty smoke chips while i was grilling pork chops thurned out great.

    i have kids so after turning off burners i closed the lid not thinking about residual hit igniting the chips i created some flame and acutaly dammaged the porcilin coating on the edge of the fire box, now its showing bear metal i think what steps can i take ot keep this area from rusting in the future and how can i get the smoke damage off the meatel sheld under the lid its all brown. wiped and cleaned it as good as i could but it blackened the warming grate too. what can i do to clean these better.

    • I’m sorry to hear about this. Mild dish detergent and a damp cloth should be able to remove any sort of smoke build up from the inside of the grill lid. To help prevent any rust from occuring, please routinely season the inside of your grill, especially the damaged area of the firebox. I recommend using conola oil. For more infomration, please give us and call and we will be more than happy to further assist you. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548.- Dustin

  17. Why is there a difference in infra red from Lowes and Home Depot. Which is better? Can you convert one to the other?

    • Both the RED grill, from Home Depot, and the Commercial Series grill, from Lowes, are TRU-Infrared grills. If precision cooking, juicy foods and saving gas are what you’re looking for in a grill, then you have come to the right place. There are a few differences between the two styles, but both are able to provide flavorful foods and similar infrared experiences. The RED grill uses porcelain cooking grates and an emitter trough to produce TRU-Infrared flavors. The Commercial Series utilizes the Quantum cooking grate system. This is comprised of a set of stainless steel cooking grates and housing trays. Neither of these models can be converted to the other. Please view all of the information that we have available for both models at – Dustin

  18. we purchased the three burner infrared grill. both times we used it there was a loud noise we looked and there were flames coming from under the grill on the line to the propane tank. we were able to turn everything off. we thought the grease pan caught fire but there was barely anything in it. we cleaned it thoroughly but it happened again. we are afraid to use it again. Could you let me know if we are doing something wrong?

    • It sounds like gas may be leaking somewhere in your grill. I would recommend taking a 50/50 soap/water solution and then applying it to all of the gas fittings in your grill. Turn your grill on and then if bubbles appear it means there is a leak. To best investigate and troubleshoot this, please give us a call at 1-800-241-7548 or follow this link… We definitely want to help to get this resolved so that you are able to safely use your grill. – Dustin

  19. I have a Red grill and when I lived in Texas i had no problem whatsoever cooking on it. The infrared cooking is amazing. During cleaning, I would reach temps of 650-700 and everything would be toast inside. I have since then moved to California and now, even with the burners set to clean, I cannot reach more than 360 degrees. I pulled the heat pan off and i gave the burners a cook wire brush cleaning, but still not producing a good flame. I left the heat pan off and started her up. When I have all three burners going, i get the same size flame on all three which is equivalent to a low flame setting if running just one burner. If i turn off two, and set the third to clean, i get the beautiful flame i had when i was in texas. I thought maybe it was just bad pressure in one tank, so i got another tank, but same result. Any ideas?

    • I do apologize for the issues encountered with this grill. This definitely sounds like a low flow issue. Has the grill been leak tested? This can be performed by taking a 50/50 soap/water mixture and applying it to the regulator, on the hose and all gas tight fittings. Turn the gas on once this has been applied and if bubbles appear there is a leak in that spot. A low flow can also occur if the quick closing cuppling inside of the regulator has been tripped. This will sometimes happen if the grill is turned on or off incorrectly. However, the regulator can easily be reset by turning off the grill and then the propane and waiting about a minute and then following the lighting instructions to turn the grill back on. Please follow this link for further information on low flow and also resetting the regulator… Please feel free to give us a call and we would be more than happy to further investigate this issue and help to get you back up and grilling. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  20. I have the T22D model. First time using grill will not heat past 375. Did the initial preheat of grill when set up. It wouldn’t heat above that temp then either. Have tested gas lines all seem good. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • If there does not appear to be a leak anywhere, the safety device within the regulator may have become tripped and need to be reset. A tripped regulator can occur if the grill was been turned on or off incorrectly. To reset the the regulator, first, disconnect it from the propane tank and then let it sit for about a minute. After this, reconnect the regulator and follow the lighting instructions on the grill. When using propane, please make sure that it is connected to a 20 lb tank. If this low flow is being experienced when using natural gas, the gas pressure may need to be checked and make sure that the correct natural gas conversion kit was used. Please follow this link for more troubleshooting information… – Dustin

  21. I am SO disappointed and frustrated with Char Broil!!! After experiencing a low flame after 7 months of use we delligently cleaned inside outside and all tubing of our Char Broil Commercial T 22D grill. Nothing helped.. Next step was to get the gas company out to check gas flow, leaks etc.. Everything checked out perfectly. Next step was to call Char Broil where they tell me their grill is so smart it can tell the difference between a 20 lb. tank or an underground tank of propane!!! We had the gas company to install the necessary adaptors YEARS ago to handle grill connectors, never had a problem except with this grill after 7 months of use..without an issue.
    So if they expect me to believe their engineers can make their grills smart enough to tell the difference as long as the pressure and flow is correct they’re badly mistaken.
    But… They got their funds by selling a new grill so what do they care!!! Well, they won’t be having their name on my next grill, that’s for dang sure!!!

    • Susie – I’m sorry to hear about the low flow issues with this grill. All of the gas regulators on our grills are setup for a pressure of 7″ WC for propane. If the gas pressure changes this could trip the safety device, called the Quick Closing Coupling, inside of the regulator. This could also be caused by the grill incorrectly being turned on or off or a leak and because of this gas will be cut down to a low flow. However, the regulator can be reset to allow for proper gas flow. Please make sure that when the grill is shut off that the grill is turned off first and then the propane. The regulator can then be disconnected from the propane tank and let sit for about thirty seconds to a minute. After that, please reconnect and follow the lighting instructions printed on the grill. Sometimes this may need to be performed a few times to completely resolve the issue. Please let us know if this takes care of your low flow issue. – Dustin

  22. Dustin, are you telling me it is okay to use the storage tank propane?

    • Susie – Most of our grills are designed specifically for 20 lb propane tanks and the 11 WC gas pressure. I cannot say for certain that the grill will work properly with a larger propane tank, but if it was working for seven months originally it sounds like something may have become tripped or caused a low flow issue. The troubleshooting steps provided should, hopefully, resolve this issue and get you back up and grilling. – Dustin

  23. I’ve got the T22D. Today I took out the grills and parabolic dish and cleaned them, well, I might add.

    I put back the parts and started up the grill.

    I cooked up 4 chicken thighs with skin on and marinated in bbq sauce.

    The grill smokes like crazy with the lid down or open. I’m sure my upper neighbours appriciate the smoke.

    It’s the chicken grease catching on the on the parabolic dish. I’m finding this unacceptable. Must I clean it every time, or just “carbonize” the crap out of the grease on next startup and hope it goes away?

    • Jonathon –

      The smoke will actually flavor your food and make it super tasty! You don’t have to clean the troughs every time you cook on it though (unless you want to). You can turn the burners all the way to high and let the food debris turn to ash. This will take about 10-15 minutes on high. I would suggest that you clean the troughs out if you cook a large amount of food for a crowd or after a few (maybe 6-8) normal cooks. I hope this helps!


  24. I have the T-22 and I’m wondering if the only grates that go with it are the infrared plates/grills. Grease and food gather in the troughs and cover the little holes. Removing the debris is a pain cause I have to wait until the grates cool to remove them and tap it out. Are there grates that I can put on top of the plates?

    • Lucy – There are a few different models of the T-22, but it sounds like you are talking about one of the Commercial T-22D grills. To best clean the cooking grates and housing trays in this grill I would recommend the Infrared Grill Brush (Model # 2538013). Seasoning the cooking grates and housing trays will also help to keep food from sticking and prolong the life the lifetime of the parts. Please follow this link for information on seasoning…

      There are new cooking grates and housing trays available that may be able to fit your grill. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience and provide the model number for your grill so that we can look into this. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  25. Have used a Char-Broil Gourmet TRU Infrared 3 burner for 1 year and love it, best grill ever, but now a problem. Recently changed to premade hamburger patties that are apparently more fatty. A week ago was grilling with grate half covered by patties on high and had a grease fire when about 3/4 cooked. Fire went out pretty quick, no big problem. Last weekend, cooking for a crowd, full grill. I tried cooking on a lower setting hoping to avoid a grease fire. Was nearly ready to pull burgers off when grease caught fire. I did get the meat off in good shape, but the grill burned for a solid 5 minutes. Discolored the lid and turned the grates white. Afraid the grill will never look decent again. How do I avoid another big grease fire?

    • David – I’m sorry to hear about this. We definitely want to help you to get back up and grilling. Has the infrared emitter trough been removed and cleaned out. If it has not been, grease may be collecting in this and also possibly on the cooking grates. If you would like to create a case with us we would be able to thoroughly investigate this. Please follow this link… – Dustin

  26. We just purchased the commercial 2 burner Charbroil infrared from Lowes
    we didn’t want to wait to have it put together so we took the floor model.
    Cooked on it the next day WOW what a great grill. We just love the fact that there is no flame up. Had to go back to Lowes to get the IR cleaning tool. Since we took the floor model we didn’t get the instruction book I guess the person that put this one together didn’t put all of the reading material inside the grill. Is there any way to get the instructions? When I went to get that cleaning tool the person waiting on me opened the door to the floor model and gave me the IR cleaning tool.

  27. 3 month old 3 Burner, Model 463251713, with Natural Gas Conversion Kit, has worked perfect until now. Grill will barely get to 200 degrees. I have turned it off and re-lite, only to have the same issue. Any trouble shooting ideas?

    • Patrick – We’re definitely sorry to hear about this situation occurring with your grill. This could be due to an obstruction in the burner which could prevent an even flow of gas. This could also be a situation of the pressure in your natural gas line being off. We would recommend to contact your local gas company or a plumber to make sure that the pressure is correct – the pressure should be set to 7 inches per water column. If this does not help, please feel free to get a case created with us so we can do some more troubleshooting for you. A case can be created by following this link… … We hope everything works out for you soon so you can get back to grilling! – Mandy

  28. I purchased a 2 burner grill less than 2 years ago. I clean it just about everytime I use it but the emitter is now pretty rusty in spots, to my surprise and was wondering if I could cover the bottom of the emitter with foil. Sheryl

    • Sheryl – I’m sorry to hear about this. We value you as a Char-Broil customer and want you to enjoy using your grill. We do not recommend using foil to cover the emitter. Foil will trap heat and keep it from transferring properly which can create a hazardous grilling environment. Please follow this link to create a case with us and we will be more than happy to best investigate and assist… – Dustin

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