Grilled Banana Split!


Grilled pineapple, cherries and banana served with tasty vanilla ice cream, sweet yellow cake and topped with whipped cream!

The ever creative Terry “Way Down In Alabama” is the kinda guy who knows how to enjoy life. And I think in this post he actually gives away the secret to his happiness!

Besides having good friends and practicing the Gulf Coast penchant for enjoying life by “let’n the good times roll” – he happens to have Kerry as his best friend and life companion. I suspect she’s the reason he’s always smiling. Take a look at one of their delicious grilled dessert ideas – Thanks Terry Kerry!

Welcome to the Cookout! ~ Barry CB Martin

Terry actually gives away the secret to his happiness – her name is Kerry.

OK  Ya’ll  Maybe this will break the spell…it’s a Grilled Banana Split!

Kerry made a sweet bread base for this dessert. She had to make do with supplies on hand and we now know she can cook mighty good on the fly!  I did the grilling and she did the baking – we make a good team!

This is tasty way to finish a great meal! The bananas were so good and taste like home made banana pudding. While I’m sure vanilla wafers would be just fine in place of the sweet bread – I can testify that Kerry’s was delicious. If you like peaches or other ‘stone’ fruit, I betcha they would be good grilled as well!

Try this, It will be a hit for sure!
Terry and Kerry  “Way down in Alabama”

Grilled Banana Split!

Rating: 51

The grilled bananas turn sweet and really taste great with the grilled pineapple. Terry "Way Down In Alabama" is the kinda guy who knows how to enjoy life and is a regular contributor to Sizzle on the Grill and the Char-Broil LIVE Community Forums


  • For each serving you'll need:
  • Several fresh pineapple rings about 1 inch or so thick
  • A double handful of fresh cherries.
  • 1 banana sliced down the center long ways


  1. Start grilling the pineapple first to give it some grill marks and heat it through. You want to be careful not to dry it out. Leave the banana halves in the peel so it's easier to handle and grill cut side down to give it some nice grill marks (you can spritz it with canola oil first to aid in the sear marks and help reduce sticking) Once the banana have good brown sear marks, flip them over and keep them warm. Before serving pop them outta the skins. I just rolled the cherries around on the grates a couple minutes but I s'pose you could use a grilling sheet for that too.
  2. To assemble: Place a generous piece of the sweet bread in bottom of wide bowls. Break it up if you like. A big ol'scoop of a very good quality vanilla ice cream goes on the bread. Place the grilled fruit and top it off with a dollop of whip cream if desired.
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