Grill Cover VS Potato Cannon

The Mission

We were approached by our director of marketing to create a video showing how strong our new Rip-Stop cover really was. After racking our brains, we came up with a great idea. Let’s shoot potatoes at over 300 MPH at this thing! The only problem with this idea was “how do we get it to stand up by itself so the grill doesn’t stop the potato from going through?”

The Attack Plan

I remembered that we have a pvc frame we use to simulate a grill when we photograph our covers. It was perfect (as long as it didn’t explode on contact of course.) So, with potatoes, a PVC frame, and a cannon that shoots potatoes into orbit we were set to start shooting (video and spuds.) Wanna see what happened? Watch the video below. Oh yeah…we also threw some rocks in with the potato for good measure.

Let’s Add A Grill Into The Mix

To make this a bit more authentic, we decided that we would put the cover on an actual grill and remove the doors so the potato had somewhere to go. Check out what happened:

Making Mashed Potatoes On A Char-Broil Grill

After launching potatoes at an actual grill, we realized that we dented the grill badly in a few places when our aim was a little off. Only one thing left to do…might as well shoot the grill to demonstrate how powerful this cannon really is.

Want One Of Your Own?

The Char-Broil Rip-Stop cover is 7 times stronger than regular grill covers. Click the button below to get one for yourself and protect your grill against flying potatoes, and also more conventional elements like wind, rain, and sun!

65-Inch Large Rip-Stop Cover 53-Inch Medium Rip-Stop Cover
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  1. Question? Why do you have a 7 minute video of the Napolean infra red grill? It appears to be a competitor that uses the Charbriol grill as a comparison and shows how much better their grill is.
    I am a little confussed. I have a commercial Qauntum and thought it was the best until I watched the video on your site.

    • Dan –
      I’m not sure I know which video you are talking referring to. Where do you see that video on our site?

      – Micahel

  2. iIteresting that on the regular cover the pvc rack the potato gun knocks the rack over and the rip stop cover does not. Since on the regular cover the potato/rock penetrates the cover it seems that it would be less likely to knock the stand over. Also, the potato impacting the grill, I have an infared grill and I can tell you the doors of this unit are not nearly strong enough to withstand the impact of a potato at 300 mph without severe denting/destruction, unless the potato was baked and overdone to the extent that the impact was negligible as the potato smashed, or mashed itself. Kind of misleading……do you warrant/guarantee that the rip stop cover will withstand normal outdoor weather conditions without rip/tearing? If so, for how long?

    • Bob – These “extra” videos weren’t meant to be an exact science.
      Just to give you some insight into the reason the pvc rack was knocked over with the cheap cover, if you notice, one of the rocks that we loaded into the chamber of the cannon hits the top piece of the rack itself and knocks the rack over. After the rack was knocked over in that shot, we realized we needed to anchor the rack down to the ground so we used some camping stakes to keep it on the ground. Additionally, the Rip-Stop cover is MUCH heavier than the other cover as well. That helped to hold the frame down and in place a bit more. When you see one of these covers in person, you will be able to FEEL how much more heavy duty the cover really is.

      As far as the door, we were kind of surprised ourselves that it didn’t blow the door off the grill! As I was editing the footage, I noticed that in slow motion (frame by frame) that the potato actually hits the handle of the door at the apex of handle so that’s what softened the blow to the door itself. We couldn’t have done that again if we tried! :) It just happened to be the perfect shot. The rest of the potato after it exploded on the handle hits the door and you can see the front panel of the door give a little then spring right back into place. There was a visible dent in the door after this shot but nothing substantial.

      The whole purpose of the additional videos was to show how powerful the cannon really was and that to protect your grill from outside elements (like rocks being thrown from a lawnmower, hail, sleet, snow, well…you get the picture) you need a strong cover. I will check into the warranty situation with the cover, but I believe we had at one time discussed around 5 years worth of wear and tear before you might need a new one. By far one of the longest lasting, strongest covers out there. It prevents against tears and ripping as well. You will have to try really hard to purposely rip this cover on any surface of your grill. I’ll be honest, I have been at Char-Broil for more that 5 years and I haven’t seen a cover this well put together, well, ever!

      You can find them on sale at select Home Depot stores and online at I’ll leave you with this…take the rip-stop challenge and let us know what you think! I know you will be as surprised with the strength as much as we were after shooting potatoes and rocks at it with a PVC cannon. Hope this addresses your concerns. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


      • Why don’t you have a small size rip stop cover for the 2 burner Quantum grill. After just 2 years my cover is showing holes and weather cracks everywhere. I think the medium would be too big unless we left the 2 fold down tables up. I would be afraid it would then act like a sail in windy conditions and with the small footprint of the grill it might topple over.

  3. How does this cover withstand fading? That is a big problem that we have found with the covers. Is there any warranty on fading?

    • Melissa – Here is the main portion of our warranty statement on the cover: “Char-Broil guarantees the Ripstop grill cover against unintentional rips and tear for a (5) year period from the date of purchase to the original purchaser if used for home use. If the product rips due to manufacturing defect, the defective part will be repaired or replaced at Char-Broil’s option.”

      It doesn’t actually cover any fading, but should be much less susceptible to fading compared to your previous covers. Hope This helps!


  4. Hi … I just ordered a cover for our Char-Broil grill. Why did my billing NOT reflect the 25% discount? Grill model number is 463250211.

    • Barbara – I took a look at your order and found that the cover you purchased was already discounted on the website at the time of purchase. The coupon code offered in the email for the 25% discount is only good on regular priced items. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to help if I can.

      Thanks –

  5. It would be helpful if I could choose one of these covers based on the model of Char-Broil grill that I own. Elsewhere on your site I can search for parts based on my grill’s model #, but the cover that shows up on that page isn’t a Rip-Stop.

    • BobW – What is the model number of your grill? I would be happy to help you find the correct Rip-Stop cover to fit.

      Thanks – Michael

  6. It’s the first time when i’ve seen your site. I can see a lot of hard work has gone in to it. It’s actually wonderful.

  7. I am ordering a cover for a 463244012 grill I just bought at Lowes. It was hard to determine which cover would fit and you don’t list all the dimensions for all covers. It would take us a lot less time to determine the right size cover if you would list all covers that fit in the grills parts list.

  8. I have had issues with wind blowing over my CharBroil Commercial grill; also, wind has destroyed every grill cover thus far; I am anxious to try this grill cover; A Lowe’s employee told me to place (2)eye bolts to the back of my Charbroil grill so that I can prevent the wind from blowing over my grill with the use of straps; I have done so to the grill, but now I need to open 2 small holes for the eye bolts in the grill cover so that a strap can secure it around a stone pillar; my question is????? What would CharBroil recommend for creating these small holes in the grill cover? cut, then sear with heat OR cut and epoxy edges??? or does CharBroil recommend a better solution since you understand the materials used in fabricating this grill cover?
    thank you and have a nice day,

    • Hi Mike –

      We recommend not intentionally creating holes/damaging the cover fabric, as this may void the warranty and compromise the performance of the product. If a hole is created, we do not recommend “searing” the opening, for chance of further damage. Some type of epoxy would probably work best if you choose to use it though.

      Thanks! – Michael

  9. We have the char-broil tru-infrared 4 burner gourmet t-47d grill, which grill cover will fit? I just ordered the 65 inch rip-stop 7449197 cover, will that model fit our new grill?

    • Sharon –

      The 65-inch rip-stop cover should fit your new grill. If you have any issues, please let us know. Thanks! – Michael

  10. Will the 53″ cover model number 463620410?

  11. i have a char broil grill. model 702-0234. what grill cover would fit? thank you! i much prefer the ripstop.

    • Susan – I apologize, but I am unable to find this model number. Most of the model numbers for our grills start with 46. If you wouldn’t mind, please give us a call at your earliest convenience and we will be more than happy to research the cover that will best fit your grill. Our phone number is 1-800-241-7548. – Dustin

  12. Hi. We just purchased the Charbroil C-46G as a wedding gift and would also like to purchase a cover for it. I like that the rip stop cover seems strong, but is it also waterproof? Also, what size cover would you recommend for this grill? I would like any cover to cover the entire assembled grill and legs to protect the grill from Maine weather.

    • Hello Karen,
      Congrats on the new purchase! The Rip-Stop covers are indeed water-proof and should cover the entire unit according to the size needed. We do have a few different sizes available in the Rip-Stop material and are as follows: 53″-4854490-$31.99; 65″-7449197-$39.99; 72″-7345926-$49.99. Please be sure to measure your unit to see which one will fit best and feel free to visit to see more information about each of these as well as get an order placed.

    • Karen – Congrats on the new grill! To Best protect your grill I would recommend the 65″ Rip-Stop Grill Cover. This is Model # 7449197. The Rip-Stop Grill Cover uses Heavy-duty 600D x 300D polyester with water-resistant backing to resist rips and tears. Please follow this link for more information… – Dustin

  13. Hi, I just purchased model 12301648 at Walmart. Nice unit. I get the impression that it is an older model, but it is just what I was looking for. I’m now looking at getting a decent cover to protect my investment. What would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi,
    I have model 463722313. Which size should I get? Thanks!

  15. Hi,

    Which covers would fit Model # 463267113 (Classic C-46G) I’d like
    the cover to fit to bottom of the grill without dragging on the
    ground. (Just how durable is the Rip-Stop Cover….I have a
    lab who will occasionally chew on things in the yard!)

    Thanks for any help!


  16. Thank you….just ordered!

  17. We just purchased the Char-Broil Commercial T-47D. After assembling, we can not find anywhere in the parts list or the instructions for the eye bolt . What is it for?

    • Jeanie – Congrats on your recent purchase and welcome to the Char-Broil family! This eye bolt is something that we include with the grills so that locations like Lowe’s or The Home Depot can store the grills together when they assemble them and have them on display. You will not need it for anything. Hope this helps and Happy Grilling to you! – Mandy

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