Fresh Ham in The Big Easy

Fresh Ham in The Big Easy

Rating: 41

Prep Time: 2 hours

Cook Time: 4 hours

Total Time: 6 hours

Yield: 8 servings

Serving Size: -



Fresh Ham in The Big Easy

A suggestion for sauce for this Fresh Ham is a soft touch of bourbon, honey, molasses to taste. Our whole family raved at how moist & delicious it was. It was a good experience to work with a piece of solid meat this size in The Big Easy. It did it's job to perfection once again.


  • 14 lb fresh uncured ham
  • brine for ham
  • glaze for final 15 - 20 minutes of cooking


  1. Starting with a 14.5 lb fresh ham it's recommended that you remove the skin but leave as much fat on it as I could - which amounted to very little but enough, I think, to keep it basted during the cooking and mostly to create a tasty crust. 
  2. Brine in basic brine for about 24 hours, remove, rinse and pat dry.
  3. You may add a mustard and rub combo, like you might use for a pork shoulder or to suit your tastes, but for this long of a cook it might be best to limit the rub and surface material as it will mostly just cook to carbon crust.
  4. Using the Easy Out Shelf, place the ham into the cooking basket so it rests on the shelf one level above the bottom of the basket.
  5. Place in The Big Easy and turn on.
  6. Estimate about 10 - 12 minutes per pound for planning purposes BUT do monitor the internal temperature with a reliable meat thermometer until the temperature reaches approximately 150F degrees.
  7. Remove the ham and cover with foil and a towel, placing in an insulated carrier and allow to rest and finish cooking (about 30 minutes) to an internal temperature of 165F degrees as recommended by the USDA.
  8. Suggestion for sauce is a soft touch of bourbon, honey, molasses to taste. Our whole family raved at how moist & delicious it was.  It was a good experience to work with a piece of solid meat this size in The Big Easy. It did it's job to perfection once again.
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  1. i have a new big easy oil-less,no where does it tell me the heat range at all.
    do i turn on full or half or?

    thanks Ralph

  2. Come on you give a how to cook lesson on ham but step 5 says “place in the big easy and turn on”?????? Turn onto what setting???

    • Joe, The Big Easy by design only has two settings. Off and On. Once you put the ham down into The Big Easy, just turn the cooker on you should be set! Hope this helps. – Michael

      • Hmmm, “The Big Easy” refers to two Char-Broil products. One an oil-less turkey fryer and the other a 2 in 1 electric smoker/roaster. The latter has 15 temperature settings. Since neither product is directly referenced Joe’s question is valid and “Char-Broil” (Michael’s) response is surprisingly inadequate.

        Again, “Come on . . .”

        • Bob –

          This recipe was made in the original Big Easy Oil-less Fryer and not the Big Easy Electric 2-in-1 Smoker Roaster. I agree I should have specified this in my comment, but just for future reference, if you were cooking this in an electric Big Easy, I would suggest that you set your power level around 13-15 to get the same cooking temperatures that the recipe is using. Sorry if there was any confusion.



      • Unless there are several different models of the BigEasy mine has five settings on it. 4 dots and a high flame to signify the highest. Can anyone help on what setting to put a ham on. Help! the manual does little to do that. Thanks.

  3. Joe….I have one in now ….just turn it on …and put it in …a 14lb ham uncured should take about 5 hrs ….pre cooked spiral maybe 2….use the themometer that came with it … says on there temps for various items when reached

    • gregory,

      you say 5 hours for 14 lb ham and probably 2 for spiral ham

      wouldnt that 5 hours be like 20 minutes a pound? i am thinking of trying 9.5 spiral ham i have in fridge

  4. Does anyone have any info on cooking a smoked Ham in yhe Big Easy Oil-less Fryer? How long per pound?

    • I have cooked a Smithfield ham for 5.5 hours and it was great. About 18 minutes per pound or until internal temperature reaches 148f.

  5. Did anybody find out how many min per pound on smoked ham I have 15 pound smoked ham

  6. recipe says glaze last 15-20 minutes of cooking

    is that last of cooking in Big Easy or after sitting covered with fiol for final 30 minutes ?

  7. Just curious if anyone has tried this glaze. Since it is just listed as “to taste” just trying to gauge what sort of ratio I would be looking at per ingredient.

    • Steve –

      The reason it is listed as a “to taste” amount is that glazes with a medium to high sugar level tend to burn in The Big Easy if applied to early. You can glaze your ham for the last few minutes of cooking get a good coating without burning it. There isn’t really a set amount of ingredient. It’s more of just a test, taste and learn type of thing. More than likely, if there were exact amounts, it would still be a situation where you might say to yourself before the next cook – “Needs more bourbon than last time” or “There was too much honey last time.” Experiment with it and let us know what you come up with. We’d love to hear some feedback. Sorry I couldn’t give a more precise answer.

      Thanks – Michael

  8. I have a precooked ham so am i looking for the 165 core temp or so many min per pound and if so how many?

    • Tom – With a precooked ham we would still recommend cooking 10 to 12 minutes per pound. Depending on ambient temperature this may vary a little bit. – Dustin

  9. Thanks for the response. I went for it today and turned out pretty well.
    About 8 oz honey, 1/3 cup molasses and 2/3 cup bourbon. The molasses has a very strong test so I added extra honey & bourbon that I originally planned but once it was on the ham the flavor was not as strong. I did not get to actually glaze the ham while it was cooking in TBE do to the size of the ham, but pouring some over after it was sliced was delicious. Great combination to add a new taste to the ham. Also, the ham itself got rave reviews and was honestly the most flavorful and juicy ham I have every eaten. Thanks!

    • Awesome! Glad to hear it turned so great. Thanks for coming back to share your experience with the glaze. I’m sure it will be extremely helpful to others in our community who come across this post.


  10. Would you please provide some detail on what is meant by “brine for ham”? Also, do you brine the ham with the skin on, then take it off before cooking or remove the skin prior to brining?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Brined Ham

      1 1/2 cup kosher salt
      1/2 cup sugar
      1/4 cup brown sugar
      1 cup pickling spice
      1 Tablespoon peppercorns
      6-8 cloves garlic
      Water to cover ham

      Dissolve the salt and sugar in a few cups of boiling water then add the pickling spice,garlic and peppercorns and simmer. Once salt and sugar are dissolved, let it cool. Chill brine, then in a food safe 5 gallon plastic bucket with lid, place the skinned ham inside the bucket. Cover with water then add the dissolved salt/sugar/spice mix. Blend by stirring. Place lid on. You must keep the ham while in the brine at 40 degrees or lower in a refrigerator for 12-24 hrs at least.

      It’s easy to do this if you have another refrigerator in your home. You’ll need to keep this cool as it brines. Then remove the ham from the brine and pat dry. Place in your preheated Big Easy. Then follow the instructions in the posted recipe. Brine it closer to 12 hrs for a less salty ham and longer for a more salty ham. You can also add other spices and liquids to add more flavor .

      Remember a brine is intended to add flavor and moisture.

      Good luck and hope this helps.

  11. please help, I have read cooking times ranging from 12 min. to 20 min. per pound. how can I plan an end point with such a wide range of times? thanks

    • Roy – This particular recipe calls for 10-12 minutes per pound and sometimes pork can take up to 30 minutes per pound to cook, but that would be more along the lines of a pork tenderloin or rib roast. Always just be sure to check the internal temperature of the foods you’re cooking to ensure safe eating. I wish you the best of luck and Happy Holidays! – Mandy

  12. With a precooked ham, is it necessary to let it sit in brine ?
    My mother is not to Happy with me using a brine, I have looked many other things in TBE, AND so far everything have came out great ! Love looking ribs in it.
    Oh have not got the ham yet for Christmas Dinner, what would be a good precooked ham to use in the TBE ?
    I know i am pushing it waiting till last min.
    Any help would be great.

    • Steven- While brining is a popular way to prepare ham before it is cooked, it won’t be necessary. Cooking the ham in the Big Easy will keep it nice and moist which is the primary reason for brining in the first place. Any brand of ham will work. I’m a big fan of brown sugar glaze, so you may want to think about coating it before cooking it. For more information and cooking tips, I have included a link to the cooking guide for the Big Easy. Merry Christmas! -Neil

  13. I picked up a 14 pound smoked ham today, the book says 30 minutes per pound,however that does not line up with what I am reading here. Anyone know about cooking a smoked ham?

    • Robert – This particular recipe is estimating about 10-12 minutes per pound for an uncured ham that uses a brine. Temperature ranges can vary depending upon outside temperatures and the foods you’re cooking inside of the unit. If the 10-12 minute time frame does not seem to follow for the ham you’re cooking, be sure to adjust accordingly up to the 30 minute time frame and always keep a reliable meat thermometer around to check the internal temperatures for safe minimum readings. Happy Grilling and good luck to you! – Mandy

  14. Help! I have read the comments and appreciate the feedback form each of you, but still have a question…My BigEasy has 5 different setting for heat temp, if I am cooking a smoked ham, what setting do I use to bring the internal temp to 165. Thanks in advance!

  15. I have a BigEasy Turkey Fryer and would love to know what heat setting others have used to cook a 14lbs. smoked ham. Mine has five settings and I am thinking somewhere in the fourth setting….any thoughts? Thank you.

  16. Michael,

    I have a question regarding your instruction to put it one level up “4.Using the Easy Out Shelf, place the ham into the cooking basket so it rests on the shelf one level above the bottom of the basket.”.

    I do not know what the Easy Out Shelf is. About how high off of the bottom does it place the ham? Then I can rig up a spacer and give it a try.



  17. Must you brine a fresh ham? Also, it sounds like about 22 minutes a pound +/-, right?

    • Kristine – Brining isn’t always necessary, but it helps with keeping the meat moist when cooking for longer periods of time like in this recipe. Also, in this recipe, it’s estimating about 10 to 12 minutes per pound. The temperature range in the Big Easy allows for this sort of time frame. Just be sure to keep a meat thermometer handy and check a few places. Let us know if we can help any further! Happy New Year and Happy Grilling! – Mandy

  18. Will a spiral ham dry out, cooking it in the TBE? Also, should i leave the lid open or closed?

    • Jason – This is a great question. Ham should not dry out when cooking it in the Big Easy. The lid should be left open for the majority of the cook. The lid can be closed around the end of the cook to help crisp the out skin. – Dustin

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