Yes! We Have Grilled Dole Banana Sundaes!



Dole Grilled Banana Sundae

Folks love bananas in their cereal, yogurt and smoothies for breakfast, and as a lunchtime staple and afternoon snack. But what about bananas on the grill as a backyard BBQ alternative or as a healthier after-dinner treat?

Dole, the #1 name in bananas, challenges the notion of America’s favorite fruit as only a breakfast and lunch food.

This summer when you’re grilling, don’t forget DOLE Bananas and DOLE Pineapple. Grill bananas directly in their peels, when they are ripe or even overripe. The grill caramelizes the natural sugars making them even sweeter, becoming a creamy custard-like dessert that can be scooped into a bowl. It can be enjoyed straight or with your favorite toppings – cut fresh berries, nuts and frozen yogurt or go for a more decadent creation with chocolate chips, marshmallows, ice cream and caramel. And don’t forget the deliciousness of fresh, cut pineapple on the grill. The smokiness of the grill adds the perfect complement to the sweet and acidic flavor of the tropical fruit. Try brushing with teriyaki sauce for some added punch.


Great on their own for a dessert, or added to main dish for extra flavor, even many of the most ardent grilling fans aren’t aware of the amazing things you can do with fresh fruit on the grill. Visit and for fantastic entrée and dessert recipes perfect for the grill.

Check it Out!

Char-Broil Chief Grilling Officer Barry CB Martin grilling Dole bananas for an “extra-large” banana split trough.

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  1. The grilled bananas and grilled pineapple with terriaki sauce sound so freaky that it MUST be tried this weekend. I am going shopping for the ingredients right now.

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