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Hello - My name is David & I am the host, A Bachelor & His Grill. My food blog is a mix of crazy delicious grub & original recipes, a travel log for my worldly adventuring, littering of semi-appropriate/sarcastic humor, & connection point with some of the most amazing, inspirational, & engaging people I have ever met.
I am SO fortunate to have the most supportive/caring family, 2 crazy beautiful children (light of my existence), & a close group of friends who are 83% positively influential (most days not positively influential in the least). All indicators point to the fact that I am a relative "gym rat" - working out at The Y, running roadside, or in the HOT yoga studio daily - attempting to keep fit in body & mind. My career as a VP in the banking industry is aggressively moving in a progressive direction (I may be the ONLY person I know who LOVES MY JOB)! Outside of 9-5, I'm in process of traveling the World. Over the last year I have EPICALLY ADVENTURED from sea to shining sea, one side of the world to the other... from the middle of Oceans, to depths of the World's largest cave, into the heart of Rainforests, & onto Mountain tops. Although Michigan is HOME, in 2013 you may find me soaking up sun in South Beach for New Years, Spring-time in the Mediterranean, Fall traversing Scandinavia, Winter in South America & along the way - making a spontaneously fantastic weekend happen somewhere in the Land of Free & home of the BRAVE! Last, but NOT least, I am incredibly excited for the coming year & opportunity to share my passion for grilling, outdoor cooking, & general culinary debauchery alongside a group of incredibly talented All-Stars, friends, & followers of Char-Broil!! 2013 will be nothing short of AMAZING & I am committed to making a bit of FUN happen along the way (not too much fun... but, just enough fun to act relatively close to my age)!


Summer weekends on Lake Michigan. Honesty. Spontaneity. My Daughter's Smile. My Son still being OK w/ hugs from Dad. Afternoon Baseball lawn seats with a Beer that is SO Big it needs 2 Handles. Working w/ a sense of passion. HOT Yoga. Camping. Saturday night movie & Chinese takeout. Lions & Tigers, but NOT the Bears. Art Prize. TRU Infared. Loyalty. Scary Movies & Costumes for Halloween. Dark Chocolate! A challenge. Live music. Laughing loudly in public places. Celebrating birthdays ALL week long. Telling bad jokes - More than once. Fishing. Coldplay, Angels v. Airwaves, & Foster the People. That feeling of meeting someone AMAZING. Dancing where/when not appropriate. Paying it Forward to those MOST Deserving. Blue Jeans & T's for ALL Occasions. People who are unafraid to be themselves.


Mayonnaise. Excuses. Smoking. Senses of entitlement. Reality TV. My headphones ALWAYS knotted like a rat's nest no matter how neatly I put them away. Starbucks. The picture you took of yourself in the bathroom mirror -Then Subsequently posted the Social Network. Necessary or Unnecessary Drama. Fast Food. People who require MULTIPLE Parking Spots for 1 Vehicle. High Fructose Corn Syrup. Bluetooth headsets worn as fashion accessories. Mediocrity. Duck-Lips. Sleeping In. People walking on the gym treadmill while watching Maurey Povich/Montell Williams. Couples wearing matching outfits (unless both are dressed head to toe in denim... then, that's perfectly normal & makes sense). So, here's to a long life and a merry one, a good girl and a pretty one, a cold bottle and another one. MAKE it Great & Chat soon, my Friends!!!

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  1. So excited for you. You make everyone your around happy to know you. You have always been one of ours…Love you more than you will know…

  2. Congrats David and what a great story! Looking forward to your continual sharing of succulent epicuriean excellence on the grill! Val of SOUP’s ON

  3. I have been following your blog for a while now. I am so excited that you have this opportunity!! I look forward to seeing all your recipes. Keep up the great work!!!

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