Cooking Ribs in the Big Easy Smoker Roaster Grill


My first ribs cooked in The Big Easy Smoker, Roaster & Grill.

Phil is an experienced outdoor cook who also created a successful spice and seasoning company. He joined the Char-Broil Community Forums after purchasing a Char-Broil TRU-Infrared 4 burner grill and wanted to learn more about using it.  He’s since made many contributions to the community with tips, tricks and advice learned from his many years as an outdoor cooking enthusiast.  Recently he purchased his second Char-Broil cooker – The Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill based upon all of the good reviews he’d read on the Forum from other members he’s come to know and trust.  Today he’s sharing his “first time cooking pork ribs” in his new cooker. Thanks Phil and Welcome to the Cookout! ~ Barry CB Martin


Better view of the ribs hanging in the basket for the cook.

For my second time using the Big Easy SRG I decided to prepare ribs – based upon all the reports I’ve read here on the forum. To prepare the ribs I slathered the racks with Carolina Treet and Awake-a-Steak seasoning, and allowed those flavors to marry overnight in the fridge.  The next afternoon I used the hooks to place the ribs in the cooking basket and started them on high for 20 minutes, than put to low. It was slightly windy out but they finished in about 2 hours.

I removed the ribs from the basked and wrapped each rack in foil and a towel for 2 hours in a cooler.  After removing the cooked ribs from the basket I sauced half with Char-Broil Pinch of Sizzle Sweet and Sassy sauce and the others left plain.  We liked both. They were juicy, delicious and crunchy at the same time.  Certainly a little different than ribs I’ve prepared in my Green Egg but so much quicker and easier.   I think a Boston butt is next. ~ Phil

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  1. Why would you wrap the ribs in a towel and foil for 2 hours after you cooked them?

  2. Before grilling these ribs on the Big Easy (I have one myself and love it) was the membrain on the back of the ribs removed? Is this membrain needed to keep the ribs from falling off the hooks while cooking?

    • I always remove the membrane. It is like shoe leather if you leave it and cook it on. Some people score it and leave it on but I find it much better to take it off when preparing the ribs. It takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it its easy. Hint…use a fork or dull knife to get it started then use a paper towel to grab it to peel it off. It is slippery and hard to hold with just your fingers.

  3. You mentioned that you cooked the ribs in the Big Easy SRG & you started out with the flame on high, then thrned it down to low. I just have the original Big Easy. Will this work for me also by starting on high for about 20 minutes, then turning down to low for the rest of the time?

  4. I’ll respond to a couple of the comments since I have the original Big Easy and the SRG version also. I always take the membrane off and have no problem with the hooks not holding as they go all the way thru the meat to the other side. I would highly recommend NOT turning down the heat on the original Big Easy because it could go out and is not designed to vary the temp nor is it necessary. 99.9% of my cooks on my SRG and TBE ar done wide open. That’s one of the beauties of IR cooking is it is done at high temps with no adverse impact on the meat. Dee

  5. I have both the original Big Easy and the New Smoker. I love them both bit I use the BESRG more. When I got it, my wife bought me all the accessories including the grill grate which basically turns the Smoker into a small grill. I have to admit, when cooking for just the 2 of us, I use SRG more than my regular big Charbroil grill. It is great for steaks, chicken and burgers.
    For ribs I just remove the grill top and use the basket with rib hooks. They come out great every time. I also have the shish kabob attachment which is amazing. No more turning skewers and dealing with my diner falling off into the grill. The vertical skewers are genius.

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