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Catherine Mayhew is the author of The Handy Mom's Guide to Grilling (Cool Springs Press) and the sassy southern lady behind the web log "The South In My Mouth." In her own words: "I think about lunch just after breakfast and dinner right after lunch" In her career she's been a successful food writer, restaurant critic, broadcaster, drone-like manager and, now, a nonprofit CEO in Nashville, TN. Catherine is always ready hold forth on Southern cooking, life in her part of the world where there's always a pitcher of bourbon slush in the freezer, and my crazy friends and family. It's a good life. What's for lunch?"
I'm a Southern cook who considers grease, preferably bacon, as one of the four major food groups. Pimento cheese? I'm you're girl. Fried chicken? Got you covered. Ribs? Forget about it.

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  1. Catherine – Are you by any chance the Cathy Mayhew who grew up in Roanoke, Va.? I had a friend named Cathy Mayhew who was in my high school sorority, the Sub Debs. If so, hi from Joy Davis. If not, keep up the good work in the kitchen! Joy

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