Big Easy Recipes

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  1. has anyone tried cooking a steak in the Big Easy if so please post technique and recipe

    • Hello to you and thanks for writing! I wasn’t able to find a good recipe for doing steak in the Big Easy, but I do have tips for you to give it a try and see how it goes! First thing’s first, I’d say using the Easy Out Basket or the Leg Racks for a flat surface will be your best bet if you want to do multiple steaks at a time, but if you’re just wanting to try one, you can sit the steak on the bottom of the basket. I would recommend flipping the steak like you would if you were grilling on a grill or the stovetop (lifting the basket out and using tongs will probably work best). Depending on the doneness you’re going for, I would make sure to cook to the proper internal temperature for steak by checking with a meat thermometer (Rare-120-130ºF, Medium Rare-130-135ºF, Medium-140-150ºF, Medium Well-155-165ºF, Well-170ºF or higher). Definitely give it a try and let us know how it turns out for you! Be sure to let us know about what seasonings you used, too! Happy Grillin’ and Happy Holidays to you! – Mandy

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