Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breast

One of the great pleasures I have is witnessing a new member of the Char-Broil LIVE Community Forums introduce themselves and test the water a bit with a few questions. After a bit they feel comfortable commenting on another post and then – one day – they post their first cook.  In a few weeks they are sharing photos and comments for just about every meal they prepare outdoors on their grill.  And example of this is Cuda1965.  Previously I featured one of his first cooks and today I get to share his latest. Matter-of-fact I do believe this particular menu item was inspired by the posts of another member of the forum….Capt. Jack an excellent backyard cook who has contributed many helpful tips, tricks and recipe ideas on the forum. Take a look at this excerpt, check out the full posts online and join in the fun. Oh — when you find yourself taking photos of just about every meal you cook, so you can share it with other outdoor cooking enthusiasts you’ll understand just a bit better why I like to say…. Welcome to the Cookout! ~ Barry CB Martin



Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken by Cuda1965

I cooked two bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breasts in The Big Easy. I stuffed each with jalapeno artichoke dip, seasoned the outside with Italian seasoning … wrapped with bacon. (Everything is better with bacon, right?)  The dip is something I picked up at Costco. It has cream cheese, Monterrey Jack cheese, jalapenos, artichokes, onions and mayo in it. It was pretty tasty with chips, so I thought I’d try it stuffed in some yard bird.  I placed the stuffed and wrapped chicken breasts in The Big Easy and ignited it.

Wrapping tip: if you wrap the long way first then around the sides…you lose a lot less filling. The idea is to completely wrap it so filling can’t escape and remember..the cheese expands when it gets hot.
Pam ☆´¯`•.¸¸. ི♥ྀ.

I did have one mishap:  lost a good amount of filling on one of the chicken breasts when I flipped it over to look at it and the shelf got knocked loose and fell down.  Ooops!  Down rolled the breast. Luckily momma had given  me some BBQ food handling gloves and I was able to grab it. These were so darn good!  Crispy bacon and the chicken was moist especially with that filling! ~ Cuda1965


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders on the grill by CaptJack

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  1. Capt Jack was rite on with this one, excellent. And yes, everything does taste better with bacon !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Q: NOVICE here…

    Were the chicken breasts skinless and boneless?



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