A Sizzling 4th Of July

Char-Broil® “Sizzle Study” Finds Americans are United In Their Plans for a Memorable Independence Day Cook-Out

And they’d like Abraham Lincoln, Bobby Flay or President Obama to join

Most Americans want to grill out with these guys. Who would YOU want to grill out with? Respond in the comments below!

Millions of Americans are making plans to gather with family and fire-up the grill this Independence Day. Curious about what’s on the menu, Char-Broil asked grillers across America for an inside look at their plans and preferences for this year’s Independence Day cook-out. While Americans may be in hot debate over everything from the economy to the presidential race, the Char-Broil Sizzle Study shows the backyard barbecue is one key issue on which everyone can agree.

The quintessential American cook-out on Fourth of July will look like this:  70% of us will cook hamburgers and hotdogs on a gas grill, late in the afternoon, in our own backyard. The family will be in attendance, beer or soda will be served, and the backyard chef who slaved over the grill will be the one who cleans-up. And if we could all choose to invite one historical figure from America’s past to celebrate the day’s patriotic significance, it would be Abraham Lincoln (28.5%) or Benjamin Franklin (25.3%)

Some Interesting Stats

The how, when and what’s cooking at America’s Fourth of July cook-out varies by region of the country.  Closer analysis of the 3,000+ responses from Americans coast to coast showcases clear regional preferences:

  • While burgers and dogs remain an overall favorite, almost half (46%) of backyard chefs in the Midwest will be grilling brats and sausages this year. And, 53% of households in the Northeast will be having chicken.
  • A barbecue in the Southeast is more likely to include ribs on the menu than in any other region.
  • Family first! Surprisingly, this year’s cook-out will be limited primarily to family members, with 69.5% of Americans planning a backyard bbq with only family. One third (33.2%) of folks on the west coast, however, are preparing for a cook-out with family AND friends.
  • Northeasterners will spend the most time cooking this holiday, with almost a quarter (23%) planning to be on the grill all day.
  • Most survey respondents (51.7%) cite grilling as their top recreational activity during the cook-out.  On average only 21% of the nation is planning to watch fireworks; that number skews highest in the Midwest at 25.3%.
  • While 23% of the country (heaviest concentration in the Southwest) will be listening to rock music while they grill, the preferred soundtrack of the cook-out is the sound of the great outdoors only – accentuated by the sizzle of the grill.
  • When asked who they would invite to join them for a grill-side chat this Fourth of July (dead or alive), Americans overwhelmingly responded they would like to have one more meal with their mother or father.  Also cited as welcome company were (in order) President Obama, Jesus, Bobby Flay, Ronald Reagan and John Wayne. (Mitt Romney also made the list, alongside JFK and Toby Keith).
  • When asked which historical figure they’d invite to their cook-out, Americans chose Abraham Lincoln over Ben Franklin by a slim margin, followed closely by George Washington. (Options offered were Ben Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King, Jr.) Americans in the West deviated slightly, choosing Thomas Jefferson instead of George Washington as a top three choice.

The Char-Broil Sizzle Study was conducted online in June 2012. More than 3,000 Americans were surveyed in the Northeast, South, Southwest, Midwest, and West Coast regions of the United States.

A Few Burger Recipes To Get You Started

Burger Recipes

Images: about.com, bobbyflay.com

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  1. Certainly not OBAMA…he’s probably in some foreign country at our expense! I would like to grill with the dude from “Diner’s, Dive’s & Drivein’s”!

  2. Bobby Flay, definitely!! It would be great swapping stories, recipes and techniques with that guy! Who knows, maybe he could learn a couple new tricks from me?

  3. Steve McQueen would be the coolest by far!

  4. Bobby Flay for sure! He would be able to hold a educated conversation with you because he’s smart, great cook, and he’s alive! As for the other one that is alive? NO WAY, he can’t run a country, how in the world could he cook! And of course Abe has been gone for a very long time.

  5. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (I heard he made a great Martini)

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